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  1. I'd like to add that since this is a place to have fun and write about your experiences, if you have more then one memory to share, by all means share them all. This is a cool place to read which parks create the most memories. As of now Cedar Point and Universal are doing a very good job with Disney behind and southern state parks creeping up from the rear. I too rode both intimators and both are excellent rides, BUT I305 has my first place over both and top 5 in my overall. God I love that ride and I can't wait to go back!
  2. I agree with you, its not the smartest idea but for me thunder and lightning storms are awesome. When it's in the middle of the summer with warm rain and crazy colored skies, it is sometimes an aweinspiring sight. Its fun playing in the rain
  3. Cedar Point with Friends = A totally fantastic time. Being that it will be your first trip and for longer then two days, you really will have a new found love for roller coasters and parks themselves. You can't go wrong at all visiting Cedar Point. Hopefully you are at a Cedar Fair Resorts location for easy and early access to the park. Watch out for the bugs!
  4. I have to say that is an awesome memory man. Friends and family moments really are the best. And for you to keep it hidden so long is nice also. I know Lauryn will remember this for a while because of the whole idea of going to see the "largest potato" to the most world known amusement park destination. Kudos to you for the plan. Hope only grand memories to come.
  5. I definitely think a lot of people will have Florida/Orlando/Disney/Universal memories, especially with their families. Personally I can remember Universal when I was very young. Probably 9 or 10 (approx year 1996). I remember King Kong and Jaws. I hope I got my years right because I went another Year I just forget which one exactly. Disney, you can guarantee a lifetime memory or two. My favorite are the the monorails and Magic Kingdoms Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Railroad.
  6. Hey everybody, I just want to say that my favorite memory was going to Holiwood Nights at Holiday World. Just the fact it was a major coaster event made it even the more better. I had my friends, girlfriend, and met a lot of cool coaster enthusiasts. Also, staying at the camp ground made the experience that enjoyable. The obvious reason it was great, was the coasters, besides the fact the new timberliners on Voyage weren't installed yet. Don't get me wrong, the Voyage is still an amazing coaster regardless of the trains. The layout, tunnels, the woods, and the SPEED made it a great ride. But my personal favorite was Legend, I don't know why, but I have a thing for coasters on hills; Legend is up there with Boulderdash. Food at the event was pretty awesome, best part was the fudge and the free fountain drinks, which I might add, they are FREE all the time!!! I thought I heard a rumor where they might add Slushees to the mix of free refreshments but I'm not sure. That would be awesome, especially seeing all the people with different color tongues. But back to the event, we can't leave out Raven, which is another excellent coaster, it is smoothe, fast, and relaxing. A great beginner coaster. ERT on the rides was excellent, but I saved the best/ new experience for last, The Wildabeest. OMG was that an amazing water-coaster. The length, speed, turns, drops, and even loading and unloading made it an unforgettable ride. It is definitely a must. Add three more friends and you have a party. It really is a blast, especially when you add the other slides Holiday World has to offer. Well that was my most memorable experience of 2010. Now, I'm biting my nails, waiting for the start of 2011, which is about a month and 2 weeks. I should be at Six Flags Great Adventure's opening day. Hope to hear from everyone else's memories. Ride On!
  7. Hey, it's Andrew Smith from Holiwood Nights. We met on the Voyage walkback. Like you, I am sad due to the lack of time and unforseen downtime back there with Voyage. I didn't nearly get as many stills or videos that I wanted. I liked your photos, they are a lot of fun. Plus I like the ones with myself in it. It was nice meeting you. I hope to get to more events and trips with Club TPR and get to know more people. Keep doing your thing with awesome photos. * * * RIP Will Koch * * *
  8. Ok, I still have yet to try to shoot in RAW. I meant to say Lightroom, I don't know why I said Lightstudio. I am going to look into the filters. I use a Nikon D90 and am trying to shoot in manual mode. I use an 18-105mm lens, but I'm not sure if I want to get fixed focal length yet. Thanks for the insight!
  9. First off, absolutely terrific pictures. I take photos of theme parks as well and yours top everything I have seen or done myself. You mentioned before adjustments in your camera for the colors (because the blues were amazing), what do you do? Do you use photoshop or lightstudio?
  10. As soon as I opened my mail box I wanted to watch it immediately but I wanted to wait to watch it with friends so I had to hold myself back a few hours. But when the time finally came, it was terrific. We all enjoyed it. The HD part is really nice, clarity is key. Every coaster was fun to watch. My favorite was "Insane" because I never saw a 4D coaster on video before. It was a blast watching everyone's reactions. This is good quality stuff. I'm a sucker for Blu-rays so I'll be buying the next one as well. Good job all who had a part in it.
  11. Got mine today!! Going to watch it later with my roller coaster buddies!
  12. I was there opening weekend as well, from Saturday night to Monday morning. The lines were average. For me it was a Maverick trip. I am working on a sweet video which will hopefully be posted in a few days. The one thing that bugged me was the ERT for Platinum Pass holders ( I am one of them) and resort guests (That was me as well because I stayed at Hotel Breakers). We get to Maverick Sunday and Monday morning and they are never ready for 9:00 a.m. I know it is nice to be in line before the general public but I was hoping to get a few rides before the rush got there. It's all good because riding the coasters makes up for it. The staff was friendly, like usual, but the crew efficiency could have been better Sat. night and all of Sunday. Don't get me started on Monday where they ran one train for all major coasters. It was horrible. One train on Millennium is heart breaking. Oh, and Mantis was opened by Sunday night. I rode it Monday morning before the line got to long because of only running one train. (Random tangent- Does anyone else think a floorless coaster with the same layout as Mantis would be awesome? I do.) I love Cedar Point regardless of the weather and downtime as long as I get one ride on each coaster. I'm turning into the guy that would rather take pictures and videos of the coasters then wait in super long lines. For all who love Cedar Point or have never been, MAKE SURE YOU GO SOMETIME! Cedar Point - America's One and Only! Ride On!
  13. Speaking of Blu-Ray, I just bought AVATAR. CG looks great but roller coasters will look amazing!!
  14. Blu-Ray is becoming more and more popular everyday. Blu-Ray Players and discs prices are dropping allowing the average viewer a chance to purchase them. There will always be nay-sayers but you can't stop new technology, unless your HD-DVD but that's a different story. A true HD, true roller coaster movie, with true coaster footage is hard/impossible to come by but TPR will change that once they make theirs. Blu-Ray is here and it's here to stay. I think a trial should be done of 100 discs, and then we will see how fast they are sold. I know I'll buy one.
  15. Hey everyone, check out my I305 Youtube video.. It's a lot of fun!! ADMIN EDIT: I have embedded the video so that people can view it here on the forums. Thank you again for sharing this with us!
  16. I'm riding it next week!! I can't wait!! Yay for Cedar Fair Platinum Passes! I'll be making a photo trip report and park/coaster videos... The Countdown begins!!
  17. Freshly painted track and refurbished trains look like brand new shiny toys for any kid! It would look amazing with the flames a lot closer, but i'm sure the engineers and designers went as close as they possibly can.. Each seat you can feel the flame and it seems closer than it really is.
  18. Thanks! For me, I felt Medusa coming through the entire ride except for the obvious mist, fire, props and sound. Going up the lift you are spoken too by a person, once you crest the lift I believe it is music and yelling and once you hit the brake run, Bizarro is chanted untill you arrive in the station. It was a positive experience for me. Medusa has a place in my heart because I worked at GA and Medusa was my first coaster and B&M I was trained on.
  19. Is there an easy way to reduce the size of the images so I can get them up here? I have photoshop and i'm working with it now. Or atleast trying to
  20. The weather was nice. The sun was shining and Bizarro sat waiting to give its first official rides. After a train stopped on the top of the lift and confetti on the track the ride finally opened. Hope you get enjoyment from the pictures. Pictures will be loaded as soon as I chop them. The files are too big. Also this is my first time posting, any tips would be nice. Thanks everyone. Friendly Faces More fire! More confetti Mark Kane himself The horse was no match for Bizarro Happy riders First Riders. The Golden Ticket winners queue signs New entrance Fire.... Celebration confetti landing on the track. woops Hello Mr. Kane Cool shot with sign and train Mr. Six looks scared Mr. Six and I
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