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  1. Hey Robb, I start at Universal this week. Is there still a TPROlando group? I'd enjoy meeting up with some local TPR members and learn about the area.
  2. Finally moving to Orlando! I'm transferring to an onsite hotel at Universal and I start in two weeks. I found a nice place in the area of Lake Hiawasee, Geyer Lake, and Old Winter Garden Road. Is that considered Metrowest? It's only about 7 miles from UO. Hopefully that is a decent location. The homeowner seems very good at least. Any last minute tips would be awesome.
  3. Thanks. One last question, is there an unofficial Orlando/Disney/Universal area website for renting rooms? Other than craigslist. It be nice to find someone with similar interests and lifestyles.
  4. This topic has been very helpful. I am looking into moving to Florida October/November this year. In my searches I found the website 407apartments.com which has been pretty useful. They don't include all apartments in each town but I'm assuming they are mostly reputable ones in the 407 area code. For me I am looking for a place between Universal and Disney because I know I'll be visiting Disney frequently and working near Universal. I may look into renting a room from someone, then looking for an apartment a few months later. Are there any apartment complexes in Orlando I should completely avoid due to the area/location? I see a lot in Dr. Phillips and Millenia.
  5. Really enjoyed the video! I've never seen someone use slow motion really in any videos and it really helped capture the emotions of the riders, especially on TTD. Loved it really, hoping you make many more! I have made a second video. This video has much more energy, with quicker transitions and of course a few surprises. All footage used is new except for one shot that I took from my GateKeeper video. ENJOY! Link Below: I do feel bad because of my lack of Blue Streak though. There is always HalloWeekends or next year to make up for it! Ride On!
  6. Wow this is absolutely amazing! May I ask? What kind of camera/camcorder do you use for these shots because the slow motion looks so perfect? I used the Sony Alpha NEX 6. Full 1080p HD at 60 frames per second. I edited on Premiere Pro CS5. It's a neat little camera with attachable lenses and has some internal features that are fun.
  7. Really enjoyed the video! I've never seen someone use slow motion really in any videos and it really helped capture the emotions of the riders, especially on TTD. Loved it really, hoping you make many more! I am working on a second CP park video. More upbeat and fast paced. Should be a fun one too.
  8. Great video, very well done! I just wish you had more Blue Streak footage... I know, On the way home reviewing the shots I realized. Definitely bummed about it. It wasn't completely missed though lol It saw some slow motion action on the lift hill in the last Raptor shot. Also, it squeezed in to a GateKeeper shot which wasn't used, but I hope to use it in the future because I have enough for a second video.
  9. If you liked that, check out my GateKeeper video. I have another double shot through the keyholes with slowmotion.
  10. Hey everyone! I made a fun video of Cedar Point. It has some pretty cool shots and editing. Check it out. Youtube link is below http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaZB7WJIC54
  11. Hey coaster fans. I made this video on GateKeeper. Hope you all like it.
  12. Exactly why I love Cedar Point. Also, It's fun going to Louie's after and partying with them too!
  13. Always try to shoot with the sun behind you or no more than 90 degrees to either side. The sun infront is too harsh and will confuse with the cameras light sensor and you will never get a perfectly balanced shot unless you try a HDR shot (High Dynamic Range). Starting off, try to keep the f stop or aperture f11 or higher number (smaller opening) on a sunny day. That will keep the majority of your shot in focus with a deep depth of field (more areas of the frame in focus). For shutter speed, when enough light is available higher number ("400" displayed on camera is 1/400 of a second (On my nikon at least)". That will "freeze" everything in the shot usually pretty crisp depending on the cameras stability at the time of the shutter release. For shots with minimal light or a single light source, it comes down to how you want your shot to look. Tripods are ALWAYS recommended for longer shutter speeds but your focus may be off. Boosting up the ISO (camera's sensitivity to light) will allow hand held shots with higher shutter speed but will create noise or grainy look on images. It all takes practice and patience. Editing helps if you know what your doing. When you understand composition, lighting and your camera you can create some stunning images. Good luck and have fun! Ride On!
  14. I remember being at CP during the last weekend of HalloWeekends peaking over the fence onto the site and listening to the GP speculate about what they think the ride will do which was very amusing. I watched the entire anouncement day and the controversial "backwards" video that gets the GP everytime. Now, to be able to go to Media Day, ride practically all day long with little to no wait is quite awesome. Can't forget the available breakfast and lunch for the days energy. For all crazy coaster riders, I urge all to attend for a fantastic time and to feel special for a day!
  15. This thread was way to far down on the list. Had to bring it to life. Media day in 8 days! Ride On!
  16. So how are the photos coming? 3 years later I hope something was learned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Patience is a virtue. Read everything possible
  17. Keep your eyes open for updated webcam locations. Tony from the CP Blog left us a little hint as to where they will face in the CP Blog. He is working on trying to stream Gatekeeper's entrance plaza live. **EDIT** I know the Pagoda Cam isn't new, but simply returning to the location due to its popularity.
  18. I'd have to say that SFoG has a very nice entrance as well. Drive in under Goliath, walk in under Goliath, or sit down and enjoy watching Goliath. Goliath was just plopped right on top whereas CP redesigned to fully include GateKeeper and all its beauty. I look forward to the day I drive down the causeway for the new skyline. Ride On Friends! See you May 9th!
  19. I can't wait to marathon the front gate. It will be picture/video heaven for photographers. As long as the weather is good! Ride On!
  20. Long exposures sure are fun. Composition of all photos really evokes emotion. Colors are fantastic. All around fun in each shot. Very excited to see what's too come. As others mentioned, be careful with shadows and reflections of yourself. There is always away to tweak depth of field with the lens used, aperture, and your position. Or you can just blur areas of the photo in post production.
  21. Sorry, not on forums much. Thank you for clarification though.
  22. I am super excited for this ride. I am looking forward to taking pictures of it just as much as riding it. I like the way the construction area's dirt blends nicely with the beach sand. It would be cool if they left the beach facing side supports under sand.
  23. Shoot the Rapids cost about the same as Raptor. I'd say that's a pretty decent sized investment! It most definitely was a big investment and a nice addition to the park after White Water Landing was removed. I asked some roller coaster friends and "GP" friends (20 people) if they would specifically go to CP just for Shoot the Rapids and they said no. They do not represent the entire population but if they would pass on a semi thrilling ride on their trip, good chances so will the GP. STR is a great family ride and water ride when it is hot. I'm not saying it is an unpopular ride, what I meant was it didn't draw super huge crowds to the park from season open to close. So why didn't you say, "Still can't believe their last big COASTER was Maverick in 2007"? Touche my friend
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