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  1. Not every yearly addition needs to be a "destination" attraction. CP has done a pretty fantastic job diversifying their ride and attraction collection in the last 10 years so they aren't just known as a "coaster park." I agreed CP has done a very nice job with family fun in the previous post, so I will agree again. I would assume family fun to others would mean rides all ages can enjoy (coasters and flats), fun shows, fun exhibits, family eateries, and friendly themeing. If I had a family, Cedar Point would be a top place to visit every year because of the fun I know I'm guaranteed to have. Personally, I am super interested and excited to see how their hotel renovations go. I usually stay at Hotel Breakers despite the outdated rooms and amenities.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I love Cedar Point as much as one could love an object. I should have specified it as a "super huge crowd drawing addition". CP has done some very nice additions to the overall family fun atmosphere. I can't get mad at CP. My home park is SFGAd and I wish they could be as awesome as Cedar Fair and CP. To me, I feel Cedar Fair does things simple and does things right but I could be biased because of working at SFGAd for 9 seasons. I agree with you that CP has kept up with the parks well being and I should have clarified my first post more specifically. Out of all the changes you mentioned, painting Millennium Force was my favorite! Ride On Friends!
  3. Shoot the Rapids cost about the same as Raptor. I'd say that's a pretty decent sized investment! It most definitely was a big investment and a nice addition to the park after White Water Landing was removed. I asked some roller coaster friends and "GP" friends (20 people) if they would specifically go to CP just for Shoot the Rapids and they said no. They do not represent the entire population but if they would pass on a semi thrilling ride on their trip, good chances so will the GP. STR is a great family ride and water ride when it is hot. I'm not saying it is an unpopular ride, what I meant was it didn't draw super huge crowds to the park from season open to close.
  4. I love Pepsi Oasis. To me, it is Mountain Dew Oasis. Due to my fair complexion the Suntan Oasis "should" be my favorite. I am looking forward to Holiwood Nights 2013 because I missed last years. Oh sweet night rides on Voyage... Ride On Friends!
  5. At first I thought the keyholes would be concrete too. After seeing steel, it makes more sense. The higher in the air concrete structures get, the more unstable it becomes. With the trains vibrations and Sandusky's weather, cracking would come sooner than later. Either way CP will make sure it is done right and I am looking forward to it. Still can't believe their last big addition was Maverick in 2007 (Shoot the Rapids doesn't count). The off season and my 9 hour drive there will be the most anxious ever! Ride On Friends!
  6. Hey there, I enjoy photography a lot and you had some great fish-eye lens photos. Sometimes having a super wide angle lens captures the most inspiring, dramatic scenes. Because there is so much in front of the camera, there is usually never a boring photo. The "fish-eye" perspective adds a level of interest on its own. So I thank you for some very interesting photos. You planted the seed for myself to look at purchasing a wide angle lens. I was at the event for both days and had a great time. I went to WCB 2012 and ECB 2010 and there never was a dull moment. I wish everyone could experience them. Looking forward to WCB 2013!
  7. It'll probably be sunny, mild in the high 60's low 70's. Cold in the morning and night (well, California cold which is in the low 50's). Probably no rain, as we've had a very dry rainy season this year. Looks good then. I don't mind the temperature really, just if it rains or thunder/lightning. Sweet, looking forward to a great trip! Thanks man
  8. This may be an odd question to some, but what is the weather like this time of year(i.e rain, temp, humidity, etc) for the general area around the parks? I've been checking weather.com's 10 day span for Valencia, CA and occasionally some rain clouds will pop up, but weather.com isn't always that accurate. Last year it rained but it also was in March. As a general consensus, do you think we should be good with weather?
  9. I honestly am so excited for WCB. On top of going to amazing parks, we get ERT, which is really any theme park enthusiasts dream come true. I just want to add that I am thankful for Robb and Elissa putting these events together so people can enjoy roller coasters and the atmosphere in a way most people don't. I've been to ECB at Kings Dominion which seemed to be on a smaller scale but still turned out to be awesome. I can't really remember the last time I was so excited for a trip. I may not post a ton on the forums but I read everyday. I've been reading stories and watching videos on coastertube on WCB from previous years to see all the fun. Since 2007, I've wanted to come so bad, and now I am! 2012 looks to be a great year for new roller coasters as well! See you all February 18th! In the words of Dick Kinzel, Ride On!!!
  10. Just booked my flight, hotel, and car rental for WCB plus Universal and Disney! Ahh so excited!! I am staying at the Good Nite Inn, Sylmar, CA. Anybody know info on this hotel from living in the area or staying there before? Coming over with my three friends and we can't wait. X2!!!!!!!! Tatsu!!!!!! Revolution!!!! Xcelerator!!!!!!
  11. I was able to enter my information, select the video file, and fully upload the video. Once the video was uploaded to 100%, it couldn't seem to finalize as I received this error message. Error message
  12. I'm looking to add some videos, but after I click the "Upload My Video" link it allows me to put the required information in but not select a file or start the upload to the site. Is it me, or is the upload section currently unavailable? Screenshot of Coastertube upload webpage
  13. To follow my previous post, can someone tell me flash pass prices? I couldn't seem to find them online.
  14. How much is a gold pass? I am going May 5th. It's my first time and I am driving from Vegas
  15. Hey everyone! I will be in Vegas May 4th through May 7th and on May 5th, I will be traveling to Magic Mountain for the very first time!! I'm so excited. So I am asking for any tips from driving strategy from Vegas, ride order for optimal rides, to good places to eat food. My original plans are to ride Speed before it closes and other local attractions in the area. Anything can help me out! Please, please help!! Thanks Everybody!
  16. I don't really think Xcelerator will be running at all today. I'm very near Magic Mountain and it's very windy (wind chill of 38), and constant rain this morning so far. It's rained nearly 1" since this midnight, and for here that MAJOR! I'm really surprised the mountain hasn't posted that they are closed on facebook yet. The forecast is to get worse as the day goes on. I can't believe it's much better in Buena Park... I did notice the rain and the clouds, just didn't know the extent of the intensity and frequency of the bad weather. That stinks, especially if rides close early or don't open at all. Thanks for the response tho
  17. I'm so jealous!! I'm going to try really hard to make it next year! It looks like an awesome time... Someone marathon Xcelerator for me! Even though I don't know you, I'll definitely appreciate it lol Ride On!!
  18. I'll be there opening day. Hopefully it will be open and running well. If not I'll just hop over to Busch for some B&M madness. Word of advice for riding I305, I'd try to get there early in the season before any changes can take place. You never really know. Even if trims are there, it's still a great ride.
  19. Backseat on the outside you get soaked if you turn around during the splashdown. Very, Very refreshing on hot summer days. Enjoyable ride to say the least..
  20. Keeping the post alive mainly because I like reading and responding to the responses. Plus for all the travelers out there. One of the best parts of any trip, is the travel time, whether it be by car, train, plane, or bus. On one trip of mine I was going to King's Island ( I live in Jersey) so it's a hefty trip of over 10 hours. The plan was to leave in the morning around 4 or 5 am and get to the park right before closing and then spend the next day there before we leave for the next destination. Everyone in my group was so excited about going, so we left the night before around 7pm, and boy was it rough driving between myself and one other. I have to say, it was well worth it. We arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio (The one shown on "Undercover Boss" on CBS) and it was terrific. We got there around 10 am, slept for a few hours, and then off to Diamondback for my first ride and my first experience with Snoopy's blue ice cream. I encourage people to write about what happened during their travels. I'm sure we will find interesting stuff. "Arms Down, Head Back, and Hold On" as you drive 100 mph on the Highway.
  21. Thanks for the photos. Hoping to ride it this spring/summer...
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