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  1. Thankyou, thankyou, THANKyou, Jose!


    I AM still wondering, though, why the plans up and disappeared from Eric's posting.


    Still the curious in me, heh heh.


    But thanks for this.

    Copied and saved, sir!


    There you go! Now you are learning the Jose way! Yah I'm curious too -- but it could be just bandwidth? (i.e. don't want to read too much into things).


    Anywho -- glad I could be of service, I had received your PM, but wanted to be fair and give everyone the pleasure.


    Steve Holt!

  2. I'm kinda glad you guys are saying what you've said (Alvey's).


    I've heard good and bad about a Disney program. Its not all roses for everyone.


    There are two sides to working at Disney. I see some cast members just not regretting it one bit, and others hating it, and others in the middle having both sides at times.


    Nobody but Soren really knows whats best for Soren. My decision to move out here (to a Disney Town) was so much about me and nobody else. I needed to do this to get it out of my system and appreciate a place like WDW/Celebration in the only way I could appreciate it.


    Its getting old now, i.e. I miss disneyland too, so I need to be bi-coastal!


    I guess I don't want to encourage or discourage? I might be being too swiss here.

  3. Essentially the ride was a very transparent (read: unentertaining) attempt at promoting ABC and Disney conglomerate celebrities.


    Rumor had it, it originally was going to be paparazzi themed (you are the star and you are running away from the press). Then Di died.


    Again, that's just a rumor.


    It bit so bad. It closed well before TOT:CRAP


    It also featured these Spitting Image style puppets if I remember:




  4. Glückwünsche Soren!


    Hoffentlich will Ich dir besuchen bei die Deutschland Pavillion. Ich muss mein Deutsch üben!


    Letze mal Ich die Guest Services brauchte sah Ich dass eine Junge eine . . . oh screw this, my german sucks.


    I did see a German guy with a German flag pin on him (meaning he speaks German) in Guest relations -- so I guess you can be guest relations and from Germany, as long as your English is sufficient.


    March is just around the corner.

  5. There's a time to argue a time to lay low. Laying low now.


    Keep up the photos.


    Incidentally Dave, when is the Dubai Mall (is that the official name?)supposed to open (the one by the Burj Dubai). Does that have some attractions in it? Skiing in one mall, skating in another -- too fun!


    Also, (as if I'm not a burden enough) -- aside from infrastructure, any thing being physically constructed in the Dubailand plot yet?


    THX keep up the great work, I think you are the only consistent poster from Dubai!

  6. It looks very similar to last years here in Orlando. Andy looser Imagineers there? (long story).


    Def. lots to see!


    Incidentally, the race car game you took a photograph of -- those arms aren't hydraulic -- they involve no compressed air -- its completely electronic, using a screw system (insert snicker here).


    Rode it -- VERY rough (in a good way). Your arms are sore fighting the force feedback on the steering wheel afterwards.

  7. She does look good.


    I caught her movie on MTV the other week to see what her set looked like -- whoah -- death trap stage --- but I loved it.


    I don't think this album will sell very well, nor is that probably her intention -- I think its more of an excuse for another lucrative tour (last years was good to her I hear).


    We'll see.


    I must be getting older and wiser. Prince, U2, Madonna -- they are loosing their 'magic' for me


    And someone mentioned SBC -- yah, they have worked together in the past.

  8. Sacha is getting a bit long in the tooth.


    (This is all a bit old too isn't it?)


    What's next, Ricky Gervais fans?


    The whole 'throw the Jew down the well' fiasco was actually edited to look like everyone was singing along -- but you have to know, this was after a several hour long set which the audience in the bar knew this guy was in character (read some of the newspaper articles -- believe me, that town wasn't pleased the way Sacha made them look).


    I'm more of a Bruno fan for some reason. I think Bruno is hilarious. Its amazing what a fake mustache can do.


    "Djes, a mustasshe izza a verrry intarestingk item"

  9. So you mock the way a Korean speaks English but say I'm 11 years old? Incidentally, can you read? My age is clearly marked by my name and oh, by the way, you misspelt Kim's name. Hyphen small i.


    Do you even speak a foreign language btw? Just curious.


    Research is easy to come by and I knew some person was going attempt to undermine it or question it. A bit futile. Just a bit.


    The Child Poverty stats are from Unicef (those commie bastards). Remember poverty is an index in this chart. Its related to the national median income.


    The murder per capita rate is from the UN (those liberal hippies!) United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 - 2000


    The Rape incidence reports (you are mindless trying to explain 1000x the rape discrepancy) is from the same UN report.


    Its not to say these reports are all favorable for the UAE or the Middle East in general -- in terms of corruption, UAE has nearly 2x the factor of the U.S.


    Your line of reasoning escapes me here...yes there are such things as fundamentalist followers of Islam. But what does that have to do with what I'm talking about. Terrorism isn't a Middle East problem only dumb ass. Heard of Northern Ireland? And didn't Pat Robertson recently call for the death of a certain political figure?


    I'm so tired of Country bashing -- we are all equal, yet different -- is that so hard to grasp? Or do you not believe in the American constitution Rastuso.


    To me, you sound like the 11 year old.

  10. Oh Shepp,


    The west (and any American in particular) is the last entity on earth to point the finger on the east (or middle east for that matter) and judge them on human rights issues. The amount of violence we have in our own backyard is an utter joke. Saudi Arabia has 1/10 the murder rate of the U.S. Qatar specifically, neighbor of UAE has 1/40th the murder rate.


    Then you have child poverty. America is number 2 globally. What was that about human rights? We can't even feed our children. Only Mexico is worse. America is an embarrassment. Saudi Arabia, or Qatar don't even register.


    Then there is this issue of rape you keep bringing up. America has the largest incidence of rape in the world per capita. We are the worst. Saudi Arabia has 1/1000th as many rapes per capita. I for one will tolerate keeping women out of harms way if it brings down rape by 1000 times.


    Someone was talking about the way UAE treats Indians. If a Mexican dies crossing the border or in work, does any american care? Don't Texans use Mexicans as target practice?


    So Shepp please, for your sake, shut up. I've proven you wrong on so many counts. You seem like a bigot and racist. Your ignorance in these matters is extensive.



  11. After a really rough (and first) experience with Ebay, I'm glad to see someone doing classifieds right.


    I think this could be the next 'big thing'.


    Video Uploads! Free Hosting! Woo Hoo!


    edit: no porn allowed FYI (or obscene material)




    1. Why should I use Google Base?


    If you have information you want to share with others, but aren't sure how to go about gaining an audience, Google Base is for you.


    If you don't have your own website, we'll host your content for you. You'll be able to choose labels and attributes that can draw more attention to the content you're showing. And, based on their relevance, your items may appear on Google, Froogle, or Google Local.


    Google Base is free. Plus you're always in control – you can edit or archive your items at any time.


    2. What are labels and attributes?


    Google Base enables you to include detailed information about your Google Base items called labels and attributes, which will help users find your content more easily when they search on Google Base or other Google properties.


    Labels are any keywords or phrases – such as recipe, event, or product – that can be used to classify or describe your item.


    Attributes are words or phrases that help describe the characteristics and qualities of your items. You may enter multiple values for a particular attribute separated by commas.


    For example: If you're trying to describe a recipe you want to share, your label might be 'Recipe' and you might include attributes such as 'Theme: Breakfast', 'Main Ingredient: Eggs, Chicken', and 'Chef: Rachel Ray'.


    3. How do I sign up? Do I need a Google Account to use Google Base?


    You can experiment with Google Base and browse through existing items (click more under the description box) at any time. However, to publish your own items, you must create a Google Account.


    4. What kind of information can I submit?


    Remember, our goal is to organize the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible, and "the world's information" certainly includes almost anything you might wish to contribute. We encourage you to submit your item, whether it's your store inventory, collection of original poetry, or research paper on cancer receptors.


    Please note that we reserve the right to review all items and make sure they comply with the Google Base Terms and Conditions.)


    5. How can I submit my item?


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    If you'd like to create more than ten items, you might want to consider submitting a bulk upload file to save yourself from having to create multiple items by hand. (Learn more about bulk uploads.)


    6. In what formats can I submit my bulk upload?


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    Ease of Use

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    Free content hosting

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    8. What type of information can I enter into the Google Base description box?


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    9. Where will my item appear?


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    10. Do I need a website if I want my item to appear on Google properties?


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    11. How will you control for irrelevant items like pornography or SPAM material?


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    12. Can I advertise with AdWords?


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  12. Shepp:


    There are two court systems. One secular, one Islamic. This dual system is well documented. I despise inaccuracy. I flog you!


    The president and vice president are elected every 5 years. The public influences the council through regular channels and the counsel elects leadership. More inaccuracy. I flog you again!


    Adultery and prostitution are illegal and flog-able. Little can be done about this because its mostly a tourist based industry. I flog you for distorting the reality of the situation!


    Its Fl-og, its Fl-og, its better than bad its Good!


    I don't mind the severity of punishment because personally I'm not for prostitution or adultery. I think drug abuse and drunkenness aren't appropriate either.

  13. Some of the construction pics on the Ski Dubai site are incredible -- thanks for these 'interior' shots. Sometimes a Non PR shot says more.



    Glad to hear about the crime rate -- I've looked for actual statistics online, and if I remember correctly, it seems like its safer than any major city in America, not that that says much as America is one of the more violent countries on earth.


    This thing (indoor snow hill) is about 30 stories high. For you Disney World Fanatics its like skiing down the dolphin hotel's roof (but not with such a great slope).


    Good job!

  14. I would love to live there. But my wife won't consider it. Then I talk about the shopping.


    What they are building is just so sweet . Dubai land, the worlds largest malls, towers, islands etc.


    Doesn't hurt they have one of the best airlines either.


    What's crime like down there -- do you know statistics offhand? From the little I've read, the police run a tight ship.


    Oh to Toboggan again! (I grew up in Canada).



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