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  1. Here's what I know so far.


    4400 feet long.

    Have 5 trains, operators hoping to get a 6th. Realistically though they might just be able to run 4 trains on a typical day.

    Roughly 4 minute cycle time

    62 second load unload, roughly a 3 minute ride.

    Lift hill is variable speed -- you only hear the clickety clack on the beginning and end -- the middle part is like Millenium Force -- silent.

    2 lift hills

    Yeti is 20 feet tall, claws initially were too long and hit the 'safe zone' of the riders

    waterfalls not working quite yet

    Half the que is air conditioned

    There are two separate ques, with different story lines for the fast pass and regular line

    there is no single rider line

    34 people per train

    the train goes backwards at up to 40 mph

    hmmm....what else?


    All this information is from either the imagineers or people that have ridden it and are working with Vekoma/WDI right now in pre testing.


    Again, expect technical rehearsals mid Feb (per a gentleman in the media I talked to today).


    Have fun!



  2. That's it-- - TPR trip to Dubai!


    Seriously, I want to move there once everything is built out. With everything they are building in Dubailand, the safety of UAE, and me sucking WDW for all its worth, I need something else to latch onto as a 'home base'. I hear Four Seasons is building a place over there too (that's a good sign for me!)


    Dave, can you be self employed and live in Dubai? That sounds hard to pull off for some reason.


    Dreaming of one day owning a unit in the Burj on the 150th floor,



  3. Some of you know I'm posting detailed information on a WDW fan site about the new Expedition Everest Ride. I'm not doing it here because I wouldn't think there would be much interest (really obscure details) maybe I'm wrong.


    I'm talking to the folks who actually have ridden the attraction and imagineers on a daily basis.


    Anywho -- this is a classic.


    One of the head operators was saying how smooth it was (and I'm of course saying to myself yah, it better be -- its brand new!) and here was the kicker (remember this is a Vekoma creation).


    She then goes on to explain "but you do get a bit of this" she makes a side to side motion with her head between her upraised arms, shaking them gruffly "but its just on the turns".




    I thought that shaking syndrome was just a problem with aged Vekoma coasters, not new ones too! Oh I was a disbeliever, but after hanging around this site I realize Vekoma has a reputation (am more of a Disney fan than Coaster fan -- so I don't do many non disney coasters).

  4. That was pretty bad wasn't it? I had to skip that -- sorry kiddo! "Me can't no read your English!"


    Thanks for the advice folks -- so I'm not crazy.


    I'm really wanting to be based in London for this trip and want it really quiet. Staying in a swank, quiet hotel out of the way of the major touristy things. Since my wife and I can get on each others nerves after a few days of non stop contact, I thought I'd take a day trip to DLP to break the trip up.


    The whole DLP trip is just to say I've been there and get it out of my system. I think there is a direct train from Waterloo, just a 15 minute tube ride from the hotel.


    Thanks soooo much for the details.

  5. "Tom Goes To The Mayor" Tim and Eric? Oh my god, that would be the best podcast ever.


    wes (has my "Rats Off To Ya'" shirt hanging proudly in my room)


    Yes, those guys.


    I think they are just really busy right now or lost motivation. I should check up on them. Oooh do we have good content (rare, very rare stuff).


    Jose "must finish this project" Eber


    for now check out: http://timandericdotcom.blogspot.com/ Jewels Children -- Comedy Jewels!


    For those who don't know what a podcast is: Podcast is derived from the iPod product by Apple computer and the word Broadcast. Essentially, its a broadcast geared for folks to listen to them on their iPods.


    Since iPods now play video --- there are Video Blogcasts, or Vcasts or Video Podcasts etc. Essentially, there are folks who make movies 320x240 sized that play on a little screen on an iPod.


    (Why Robb and E. aren't doing this, I have no idea).


    Make sense?

  6. ^

    Stop bitching. Here's a freeware program for Mac that'll demux and convert to basically any format you want.




    Oh Gawd whatever.


    Spend 2-3 hours demuxing, remuxing, resplicing MPG video before I even get to an editor?


    Get a brain. No one would do that.




    edit: I realize I'm on a minority platform -- and I don't expect a work-around from R or E. But you other folks, don't tell me I'm whining when you don't have that sort of work cut out for you. Give me a break.

  7. No, sorry, this was the easiest way to do this. We split them up into three files, but we figured the rest of the work should be done by the contest participant!


    It shouldn't be that much work to drag them into your timeline and cut them up into smaller files.


    --Robb "We can't do all the work for you!" Alvey


    Well, first off, your MPG file format is muxed so on a Mac you don't get sound when you convert them to MOV (or order to create clips), MP4 or any other format for that matter.


    Some of us use non-destructive video editors, so your little butchering advice doesn't apply (to Macs).


    So, Mac people, ignore this thread. Contest doesn't seem to apply for those of us using iMovie, FCP or Motion.



  8. I've had a hankering for London. Sort of in that 'mood'. Quiet New Years trip. Very quiet.


    Just want to stay in London (no trips to UK Parks) BUT was considering Disneyland Paris for a day trip (what, a 3 hour train trip one way with Eurostar?)


    Is this just insane? Are any of the rides open? Is it just too cold to enjoy it? Robb, you say good things about BTMR -- but when its freezing outside?


    Maybe locals can tell me if they've pulled off a trip to EuroDisneyland in the Winter and tell me if its worth it.


    Ride list would be appreciated too. Kinda don't want to stay the night -- but 6 hours between both parks? Doable? Better to stay at home(base)?


    Advice would be appreciated. Considering a Thursday (Jan 5).




    Jose "we'll see if I'm still motivated to head out there in a few weeks" Eber


    EDIT: see attached QTVR of RNR

    RNR QTVR Paris.mov

  9. DCA is a weak THEME park chiefly on two levels


    1) imagination factor (adult version of a fair)

    2) entertainment value (two sets of two words: Golden Dreams, Tortilla Factory).


    Its not about money folks -- any creative or entertaining person doesn't need lots of money to be that creative or funny or a good storyteller, they just ARE that way. And for imagineers to bitch about funding -- why I oughta!


    Essentially you just have detail oriented folks working at WDI-- Gawd knows that must be a rowdy bunch!


    Walt and Roy left a deep vacuum of leadership. Back then, the engineers were told what to build and were adjusted by leaders in the field of entertainment and imagination -- now its all peer based evaluation and direction. Sorry, that doesn't work!


    Just ma two cents. Don't be hatin.

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