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  1. Someone was looking for a map: here's a rough one.


    The trick on the track is such: essentially on two segments of the ride you have a track built on the underside. When the train goes over and is held in place beyond that segment -- the double sided track rotates and provides a different path.


    Its been done before -- at the train yard at RNR and some other rides.


  2. Wow -- bitching on a coaster site about a ride's apparent inadequacy -- say it ain't so!


    I've ridden the attraction nearly 30 times and per 'bad show' you really have to look for that stuff -- and I'd hardly call it bad show.


    Last night I was on BTMR -- those bats hanging from strings -- those are pretty bad...but we are talking a whole different monster. A coaster that goes as slow as BTMR won't have the height and the necessary superstructure to be hidden. EE is different. And thanks folks for bringing up the matterhorn example -- it took a while to hide everything. Even still the lift is still all open inside right (just dark).


    Sure there is a backside problem you'll see from BB and the parking lot -- but a lot of folks at WDW get bussed in -- not too many park in the lot in my opinion -- just the locals -- and we don't have the AP percentage like Disneyland Ca.


    From my memory you only see the inside of the mountain (through a foot wide crack near the track when you are up front in the first three rows or so. Remember, unlike BTMR you need a separate structural system because of the movement of the track (and BOY does it move).


    If you are in the front row up on the first track switch I've never even bothered to look back because up ahead of you you have all of Disney World at your feet nearly 100 feet in the air.


    I think people criticizing the ride is fine, but point out positives as well. The ride isn't perfect, nothing can be.


    For example, the ride is great, but its too rough in my opinion.


    Let's do a pros and cons thing. Show wise -- they've done some amazing things, but yes, the backside is like a warehouse (don't even bring up Indy how for years it wasn't even covered up like it is now).



  3. I'm not sure -- I just remember seeing on a web board people posting pics of the mountain -- I'm about 80% sure it was an old cover.


    Aaah, so they are 'mixed'. Hmm.



    So 'Slacking' -- how many times have you ridden the attraction -- has your opinion of it changed?


    I think I've ridden it nearly 30 times -- the only thing I wish is that they used Intamin . . . because I think it would have been a cool coaster if it were a lot smoother.


    hmph -- oh well -- maybe they were going for that 'rough' feel -- or maybe I should step out of the back car into something more in the middle.



  4. This is just a reminder for folks that the ride has unofficially officially opened.


    I.E. (not EE): they expect the ride to be running now straight till official opening April 7.


    All along the entry and exit they've installed new signs celebrating 'new magic' -- and featuring a cartoon of folks riding the EE cars.


    Also, the ride is on 'the board' up front. Curiously, it was on the maps, now its gone?





  5. There's the whole 'not supposed to film anyway' factor as well. These videos are partly crap because they are doing this stuff covert.


    Heard photo/video ban was lifted last weekend.


    edit: enjoyment is relative apparently -- some of you enjoyed the ride, others didn't. Why some of you would even begin to expect intense thrills at a Disney park is beyond me.


    Do your research! Its a family park (supposed to be).


    The ride was intense (and rough!) enough for me,



  6. Lots of talk about that on the internet.


    The reality is, you see it a lot longer than the video shows it. a) the camera wasn't in focus and b) it wasn't pointing in the correct direction.


    Its long enough to have you coming back but short enough where you don't get sick of it or laugh at it.


    The video doesn't do the ride justice, as any ride through video won't (well, except R & E's ).


    I mean my queue videos suck compared to the real thing. you have to be there and even then its hard to judge.













  7. slacking: the trains I were on -- some of them gave ovations at the end of the ride -- I didn't hear one negative thing about the ride while I was there or listening to folks get off during the contracor preview.


    But I'm not a coaster nut (can't believe you said DLR's SM is preferred over even WDW'! that's blasphemy in my book! lol). If you are, then well, probably little satisfies your standards.


    Its hard to judge...its a 100 million coaster with 2 sets of double helixes, the track alone if by itself probably wouldn't cost more than 15 million....so, guess where that money went -- themeing.


    There were multiple re-rides the other night.


    Even Al Lutz went 3 x the other morning (gosh it must have been last week already).




    p.s. the 2nd Hi Def video is up



  8. If you want a forceful ride -- yah the back is crazy. But I was up front too, and that offered its unique element.


    I was also in the 2nd car 3rd car etc.


    But def. for the inside helix -- that back seat added a bit of wump near the middle end, but the front seat gives you some nearly 0 g when the train heads into it.


    Don't know, hard to recommend something -- but for pure forces, probl the back end.

  9. Hey Brent,


    I'm not a coaster junkie -- I'm particular to disney parks...so I can't tell you whether it compares to expedition g force or montu or whathave you.


    I do know a little about DLP, WDW and DLR -- I don't know, its so hard to judge -- you can just tell they spent 100 million (does that make sense?)


    I have a lot more video, that was just a rough cut.


    It literally (to me) was the perfect ride, and like I said in my review -- there's pros and cons to that.


    I don't know! lol. Hope you can ride it, its fun (and for me, close!)



  10. First off: night rides: verrrry recomended. Some people were beeyotching about how you can't see the yeti (on that rogue video) -- trust me, even in the day you have sooo much more time than that video gives you, and at night, with your eyes adjusted to the tunnel, you really can focus on the guy (gal?).


    So, can we put aside all these concerns over the video -- its crap, leave it be, it doesn't do the ride justice, it doesn't give you the crazy G forces (different in different parts of the train mind you) that you experience on the ride.


    Lets see. After my first ride, my initial reaction was 'perfect'.


    Its literally the perfect ride, in that every detail is taken care of. The gap between walkway and train -- none -- seamless access.


    The transition between village to trainstation, seamless.


    The path around the village to the ride, perfect.


    The 'Yet-Tea' tea, the little toy abominable snowman with mickey mouse ears, the Nepalese pseudo porn, the scat collection and the architecture of the que right before you get on the ride (totally feels like you are in a train station). All these details are accounted for.


    The masks, the bells, the lights (and yes, the animal smells) all add up to a pretty detailed attraction.


    The actual ride:


    The trains themselves have little bags/nets to put your crap in. I took no video because I was told not to on the ride (queue area not off limits btw, look for that video soon). The seats are nice, not too snug and the lap bars are great and work even for the large and youngins (and have a nice little plastic attachment that's readily accessible for cast members to pull up on).


    There are no LIM, LSM on the ride, its all wheel based and you coast out of the station very nicely and take a quick right up the first (minor) lift hill. NOTE: there is foliage EVERYWHERE. You are surrounded by bamboo and it is very lush. The first lift hill is very quick, and soon you are over the hill and very quickly round your way up to the main lift.


    Now, for the most part the lift was smooth and it didn't catch very violently at all (a little rougher than the first). They are also relatively quiet on the ratches (granted you are outdoors, not like BTMR).


    You zoom up to the top and well...you've seen the video.


    There is one thing that's a bit odd up top track wise, I'll have to model it out or something, its very odd, and rough if you are in the wrong car (but considering how its lining up with the rotating segment, I understand the necessity).


    Rolling back is a lot smoother (you head straight back, then into the double enclosed helix) and the helix is insane, and more insane depending on which car you are in (back car is crazy).


    You actually can see stuff, mostly construction stuff when you look around...so you get some bearing that way.


    Popping out into the large cavern area you have the movie which is great, and looks a lot better in person (remember there might be issues with the scan rate of the camcorder vs. the display rate of the projector). So the projection looks fine...and most people don't see the ape swing out btw.


    The drop is great and again, if you are in the back is awesome, front its a bit different, middle its more tame if I remember correctly.


    Coming through the mountain you dive into the double helix outside which is soooo cool at night and great during the day.


    After the double outdoor helix (a blur) you run over a break run and you head into the lair of the yeti.


    Now, the video does not do it justice. You see the yeti coming for a long time (its a straightaway there after a nice corner which is after the break run). The straightaway allows you to see the yet from far away and you zoom right up to him and the track (this I hated, in a good way) lifts you up closer to him than bang you avoid him heading back down over a final break run which actually slows you down.


    At night this segment is amazing because your eyes are adjusted to the darkness and you really can see the Yeti for a looong time (and see a safety cable there holding him up!?)


    Anywho, you slow down nicely after you see the Yeti and turn a corner into a final break run and take a quick right turn (quite the G forces!) into the unload area (man, THAT stop can hurt though! lol).


    Over all, like I've said, its a technically perfect ride and it begs to be ridden over and over (the first ride seems too short, but the more you ride, the longer it seems and satisfies).


    I guess the compliment can be seen as a criticism as well -- there is little heart in the ride as its simply a (cold) coaster encounter with an angry heartless (don't tear up our track!) beast.


    So in that sense, its an empty thrill with not a story, but an argument: man vs. beast, religion vs. technology and tradition vs. contemporary realities.


    But who cares -- its just a thrill ride, and an EXPENSIVE one at that.


    Its going to be a must see. Its got me into a park that I'd normally never visit.




    (how do I post this in the ride review section?)


    TECH addendum:


    The bonus of sitting up front is you get to see the track spin -- which is fun...but to me the cool part is the mechanics of the banked holding areas before/after the rotating track. These wheels are powered in that they break and accelerate and numerous. The entire track is lines with tonnes of wheels.


    The load/unload is great in that the cars come to a complete stop in one smooth swoop.


    The chain lifts are speedy and fairly smooth.


    I will say though that after riding the last car, it does smack of Vekoma tech. Very rough back there.











    G.A.P. Members, rejoice:





    Video of Queue: iPod size: here.

    Large Trailer size: here.

    HD coming soon

  11. Now I hear differently that there isn't 6 trains. Only 5 and they run 4. That's what you get when you use cast members as a source.


    Montu: I have a hookup too, but I might have ruined that as I tried to get on today and got busted.




    Money Shot of everest (BTW LOTS of people were screaming and having fun. I was there for hours and didn't hear a negative thing). Awesome seems to be the word of choice for a lot of folks. Even after they ride it, they are very impressed by it.



    The Fast pass line was opened up for this afternoon (imagineer fast pass). Weird why they'd test it with them and not the contractors.



    We've seen this sign before, but they added more color, discoloration and rust at the edges and screws yesterday.



    Here's a shot of people in the train. Its going to be impossible to NOT market this as a coaster...a lot of people's hands were up and there is a lot of screaming!




    Here's a similar shot, but look in the middle over the roof, that's the train coming back into the mountain after the double helix in the rear.


    Going into the mountain:



    These are the baby Yeti binoculars I was talking about. Fun.



    These 'binoculars' have no lenses in them -- they are just empty, but focus on the peak.



    Little Sign on it.



    This isn't everest though is it, its 'forbidden mountain'.





    Again, I'll have to stress how folks liked this ride. There were a lot of re-rides I noticed (it doesn't hurt that there is only a 5 minute wait). But it looks to be a well done ride.


    As I said earlier yesterday Al Weiss rode it 3 x in a row in the morning he liked it that much.


    Take care Yeti Fans.



  12. I've only been here in Florida for a few ride openings, stitch, soarin, now this.


    DAK previews might be Tuesday/Wednesay. Overall Cast has been officially annouced. It starts the 20th.


    I don't know -- it could be in preopening by the time you are here.




    edit: I forgot to mention. They took out a section of the half wall and it is roped off. Tomorrow they will take down a section by the fast pass area -- but that's for the Imagineer party tomorrow I hear.

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