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  1. Official deadline for opening per Disney auctions is around February 3 or two months from last week.


    Noticed a few chips on the ground from damage or construction work by the lamp on top of the rock -- but nothing is really new.


    Trainers have been training all week -- today they were supposed to start their work with cast but it was delayed -- they start tomorrow.






    Right by the lantern -- the chipped off stop


    Chip off the old block


    Jose, you really need to get a life.

  2. I don't mean to question your sources, but -- I'm there nearly every day -- and haven't heard any of that. The coasters are running constantly -- and if they were tearing things up constantly that would have happened once (because the clearance on the trains is all the same).


    Now, I have heard that they are pushing back the cast member technical rehearsals -- but its not by much. Last week they said they will be finished in two months.

  3. Virgin is o.k. I like their style, but 'E' is right -- anyone can have a crap experience. It happens


    I think Skytrax though rated BA as better in their business class (technically Virgin's First is really business).


    I totally missed Virgin's upper class discount fares --- saw them -- but, waited till I got more cash together and they were gone




    Maybe BA has some good deals on First class airfare....


    Jose "first class or no class" Eber

  4. Has anyone ever given any thought to maybe laterals were designed into the ride to add to the overall theme of a run-away expedition?!


    Um...she made a shaking motion with her head, not her body and didn't say, oh its like BTM! Y'all get pressed to the edges!


    Head shake does not equal body pressin againzt the sidez, I would have not mentioned this story if she was obviously talking about something else.


    I am impartial here.


    Looks like she has to take crap! :shock:


    aah! Joe is pointing to his stomach saying: use your stomach muscles! the other guy is all 'yah, the stomach' She's all "I caaaaan't" "It hurrts".


    I didn't get his other ear because there really wasn't much there today. He was being very demure in his earring selection.


    I've heard Joe is a nice guy -- but he was pretty reserved today, didn't ask him much.


    The ride has been about 4 years in the making.

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