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  1. dang nrthwnd, hardcore!


    I'm more of a creative type in the kitchen. for example, tonight...marinated pork chops for a day, cut it up (with the peppercorn marinade) and cooked the pieces. I added a bit of oil, half and half and flour to the sauce to thicken it. Then I added some white wine, boiled it off, and later added some marinara sauce for more volume. Half my dishes are a gamble, this one paid off, my wife said she'd eat finish it all off (and she's not an eater).


    Very peppery, but the dish was great (mixed together with angelhair).

  2. Can we talk about cheesus though? I actually have devoted myself to cheese (both in consumption and humor) from a very young age.


    Really, it's a meta-joke if you think about it.


    Oh, and the pics are pretty--keep the trip reports coming



    Maybe they should create little animatronic dogs to keep the kitties from going feral?


    This is actually very funny.


    I do get heated when I see criticism -- and I do get angry at people when they get critical at others. It really bothers me because its incredibly unkind and hypocritical to critisize. I for one would love to see coaster pictures regardless of what religion a person belongs to (cheese or otherwise) or what they do in their spare time, or behind their bedroom door. And I won't be so insecure as to use a coaster forum as a spring board for attacking someone's religious beliefs or calling them into question.


    But attacking people who criticize? I'll take that opportunity any day any forum

  3. I think it's only appropriate that we all go to Epcot and start randomly urinating in the China pavillion.


    (the best way to pull this off is to do World Showcase counterclockwise - by the time you get to China, you should have been able to get some quality drinking done)


    just time it when everyone else is watching the acrobats.


    (please note, I am not encouraging or condoning rampant urination on Disney property)


    That is the funniest thing I've ever heard. You could do it as a P.R. stunt. Use those camelback water jugs and pretend like you are peeing in the bushes and say its in protest of peeing at Hong Kong Disneyland.

  4. . . . . I guess its kinda a throw back to how it was here 30 years ago.


    Where are you from? Kids pissed in the bushes in public 30 years ago? Smoking yes, pissing no from my recollection. Pissing in public was frowned upon.


    Speaking of inappropriate behavior at a disney park, my wife and I have seen a kid pee at Blizzard beach in a bush and a parent strip their kid nude and rub them down with sun tan lotion.


    Yuck. And there is a reason why we don't go there anymore.


    Look, I'm not saying I agree with it, because I would much rather have all those rides there for opening day, but I certainly do understand it.




    I know, and I get the logistics too, they'll add to it, these things take time. I think there's just a part of us that wishes the full 65 attraction disneyland would be built, but that took 50 years impatience is not a virtue!

  6. To quote immortal WikiPedia:


    "Although the ticket is the cheapest among all Disney theme parks, there are only 22 entertainment items in the Hong Kong Disneyland, comparing to 44 in each of the theme park of Paris, 45 in Tokyo and Florida, and 65 in California. The per-item cost is the highest among all Disney them parks."


    No big thunder? No haunted mansion?


    BUT according to WikiPedia:


    The following attractions will be added soon for the Phase 1 extension:

    Autopia (open in Summer 2006)

    "it's a small world"

    Peter Pan's Flight

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Raging Spirits




    We'll see what happens. Disney is still freaking out from Disneyland Paris' financial problems -- so maybe they are just playing it safe.



    edit: more info from wp:


    Autopia is already illustrated on the park guide map, and so therefore is definite. Raging Spirits is a jungle temple themed rollercoaster that recently debuted at Tokyo DisneySea, and will likely appear in Adventureland. Pirates of the Caribbean will take the format already created at Pirates of the Caribbean attractions at other Magic Kingdoms and mix it with the Splash Mountain format, creating a dark-ride with a log flume. Peter Pan's Flight and "it's a small world" are tried and tested classic Fantasyland slow-moving and appealing attractions.

  7. THX.


    I would love in the future to get a super slim high megapixel camera. My wife and I's current camera is smallish, but too bulky to take wherever I go in my opinion. I need something that can go around my neck and not make me feel like Mr. T.


    I'd love to take more current pics when I head out. I'm running out of old pics!


    Disney does NOT need to build more parks here. They need to improve the ones they have. Especially MK, AK and DCA.


    I'm surprised you said MK, but come to think of it, tonight I was like a) we need the kiddie rides Disneyland has, and bring back the buckets if possible and put in Matterhorney behind the chalet


    AK is nothing but a propaganda machine designed by a small mind and DCA, well, maybe they need RNR starring No Doubt.

  9. This evening I wanted to head to M.K just to walk around. By the time I got out of my car (in the beautiful diamond parking lot area) I realized I imagined a different temperature than the one I got at home -- it was very hot and muggy over in the MK area. I guess I have to wait a month or two till things cool off. All that pavement/concrete etc. is hot.


    Never mind.


    Entry yet again into the parks was abysmal tonight. Please bring the Disneyland Passport system back, its takes forever to get in. And today they were only man-ing 4 stalls to get into the park at 8.00. The entire right side was closed. At this point, service is really bad. When you have to wait 8 minutes to enter into the park, that's pretty bad service. Whatever happened to scanning in barcodes with your photo on it? Its a lot quicker.


    Anywho. That scary ass parade was on, so I took an exit into backstage and popped back on Main street by the glass blowers area. With all the construction going on by the train station (you should see all the boards) its impossible to get in and out of MK during a rush.


    I decided to head left since I couldn't gross Main street (parade) and tried Buzz for fun. 155000 points.


    I then walked around, tempted to go on the teacups but instead head straight to splash. IT was hot, and I wanted to get wet.


    I sat up front and had most of the ride to myself as the park was just about to close (at 9). I got out, and instead of heading to BTMR which was empty I decided to head out through Caribbean plaza (I did BTMR last week).


    The Plaza inspired me so I kept walking and thought i'd give Jungle cruise a try. I didn't have my own boat Which would have been fun. It was nice to be on the ride again, it had been a while. I always forget about that really cool long underground cave part where you are enclosed for a while. I like that. Too bad Disneyland doesn't have that.


    Sure enough the fireworks are going on (real bangs, as opposed to the skippers fake gun speaker bang) and I head off the ride.


    I start running realizing I could probably cut some time if I got out ahead of the rush. BUt it was too late, by the time I rounded onto main street the show was over, but I dove into the interior shops (on the right hand side going out) which is great because you can beeline all the way through them (unlike the left side) and pop out by the gates.


    I came out relatively unscathed but decided to use the resort line as I wasn't in the mood for crowds. It didn't take long and a resort train came by and sure enough 30 strollers came into the same car as me. Nevertheless, the car was hot and it was great to stop in the contemporary to get a nice rush of cold air when the doors opened (I guess running out of the park makes me a little warmer than usual).


    Walked out the TTC and headed left under the bridge (Where its sooo loud when trams go through, I'm always plugging my ears) and head to ma car.


    A little disney night cap.


    The two images aren't from today, but they give you an idea of where I was at.



  10. Be careful though -- just because its 'the original' doesn't mean its better.


    Also keep in mind that Disney has spent all its r & d money in its first tower of terror and applied it to these last two TOT's. So, in fact, although the numbers come up close, in reality, the gap between the two could be significantly more. Maybe if they built a duplicate MGM today, it would only cost $100 million, that's now 90 million extra in new effects, construction and R & D.


    We could have something absolutely incredible on our hands that might blow away the competition.

  11. "Jesus Lives - Vampires Never Die" T for a day of coastering.


    Well, there is more to faith in Christ or spirituality than good works or self discipline -- there are other core ways to look at faith. There is a mystical spirituality, devotional spirituality, the spirituality of the loving community, and the ethical spirituality. So, I don't agree with you -- do good works isn't the ultimate good nor is that ever solely preached about in New Testament texts -- there is no ultimate good, just different forms of good (depending on your emphasis) with downsides. The ultimate good is love -- and that's a lot of different things: not doing volunteering only (although it is a part).


    The downside to your lens of 'charity as the ultimate good' to me is obvious. You automatically pre judge people as being withholding, and if they don't pass the bill (which they invariably don't) you shame those who don't discipline themselves as much as you do because you broadly paint humanity (outside of yourself) as being withholding. Which is a curious thing -- because its a vicious catch 22 that perspective/assumption.


    What's sad is that your faith in good works or charity is actually so extreme, its unkind (to those who you deem inadequate) -- which isn't love.


    So, I question your faith (in good works as being the ultimate good).


    Now, every perspective on spirituality has its flaws -- that's why its best to present the whole package....and that's why I was holding you to your own standard -- of charity. That's great that you pass your own bill, but your standards should only apply to you, because they are your standards.


    You also aren't aware of maybe the extent of this kids spirituality that might be on a different plane from yours. What if he's more concerned with creating and maintaining or being a part of a loving community? Then he would be darn right obligated to do this group activity regardless of where it was heading. Community might be more important to him (a loving one) than self discipline. WHICH IS O.K.


    My point is; everybody, everything has their pro/s and cons, including you and me. So why judge a person? We are all equal...so why treat yourselves any differently.


    On the flip side, if we are all unequal, are you sure its charity that separates us all? I can think of at least 4 other things.


    Are you seeing how your attitude keeps you in a loosing streak?


    enough preaching --



    Rant Off.

  12. Just to confirm what others have said.


    TOT MGM is trackless in (what I believe is called) the 5th dimension scene...the one with the eye and white light door-ish thingy. (wow, how accurate is that description?)


    Essentially, what some of you are seeing are just path marks. Basically, when wheels move thousands of times over a specific section, you'll get some marks. The controls are all done through RF monitoring apparently.


    So technically, that part of the ride is trackless, although the vertical elements are obviously not -- you need a guide-way.


    But I do hear the sentiment -- Pooh's Hunny Hunt would have been fun here in North America


    edit: indiana Jones isn't trackless -- although its close -- those engines do need power and I believe they get it from the ground (and not the aura of Maya). Also, what is under the ground is pretty substantial from what I see. Ever looked at the bridge? VERY thick. I miss that ride actually.


    Also -- in Edinburgh they have a neat whisky museum with a very interesting trackless ride system...embedded magnets or something in the floor probably.


    Also, someone mentioned GPS tracking? I would like to know if that's really true -- because I heard GPS was good up to 3 feet, so that's quite a gap, maybe its a refined GPS technology

  13. Ack... So no traveling through the building? How can they not see that is one of the coolest things in the Florida version. I mean it just boggles the mind the first time you ride that you are moving horizontally and have left the lift shaft. It is just such a weird experience. I dunno I guess it just seems kinda sad that only the Florida version seems to have that.


    BTW can anyone explain to me how the DCA version works? Is it able to run two different cars because it has the two loading levels? So like one is in the ride system while one is loading? Does the DCA one have a higher capacity? These have probably been answered before but I can't remember.


    Well, the item I just quoted was not from anything official...so...don't freak out just yet....


    Per DCA. There are three drop shafts, but two cars per drop shaft. At the loading dock (a two story basement) one car is loading, while the other has backed away from the loading and into the shaft and utilizing that area for drops and the built static sequences. They switch off, so once, one is finished it runs in the shaft etc.


    That's the basic elements of it.


    Ride capacity? Have no clue.

  14. From tower of terror dot org


    i adjusted the tokyo disney to todays conversion rate

    also, yes there is inflation, but also the dollar has weakened considerably -- so I'm not really sure how accurate these numbers are. 21 billion yen was Tokyo Disney Seas rumored budget. Sure looks like 200 million.


    Check out DCA! lol.


    Tower of Terror (Disneyland Paris): $180 Million

    Tower of Terror (Disney-MGM Studios): $140 million

    Tower of Terror (Disneyland): $ 70-90 million

    Tower of Terror (Tokyo Disney): $ 190 million

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