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  1. I don't normally hold anything against the GP, but I heard something on Thursday that really made me laugh:


    Girl walking past Terminator: "That's the same roller coaster that was always there. Why are they saying it's new?"


    Guy: "I know. They just put some new signs on it."

    Wow. I heard the same thing from some girls who were in line behind us for Goliath on Saturday night. They were saying that "this new Terminator is the same ride that was always there, just with theming."


    Yet people still don't make the connection that X2 is just an upgraded version of X.




    Also, at Knott's yesterday, this kid's dad was telling his kid that SFMM has "this same ride like this (pointing to Boomerang) called Riddler's Revenge." I don't see any way how those two can be compared.


    Probably because everyone thinks Riddler's Revenge is Deja Vu and Deja Vu can be compared to Boomerang. I think I've heard someone point to Riddler's or ask "which one" it is and someone will say Deja Vu. Then Deja Vu is just...decoration?


    Funny because last time I went to SFMM, we were walking towards Riddler's Revenge and there was this group walking behind us. Someone asked "What ride is this?" and someone from the same group responded "Deja Vu!". When Riddler's sign was right in front of them.

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