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  1. [attachment=0]ECBA2CCC-7353-4997-B804-BABD537E2CA9.png[/attachment]

    We’re getting five more clues tonight at 9:00 again. On Sunday we got four clues at 9:00, so I’m wondering if 9:00 is a clue in itself. Jeffery has released clues at certain times that are related to the new attraction coming in the past.


    Well that makes a total of 9 clues. That's probably what he was going for.

  2. I just rode it quite a bit during member previews and WOW!


    This thing is straight up launching you out of your seat at times. There’s ejector air, laterals, weightlessness and intense G-forces. There’s blissful hangtime on the front seat at the drop and straight up ejector in the back. There’s not a single bad seat on this train.

    It definitely packs a huge punch for such a small coaster!


    RMC knocked it out of the park with this one!



  3. in Sangerfest Hall, after eating lunch.

    They are doing some construction outside behind us. .i'd guess a new outdoor beer garden, since the beer booth is over on that side.

    I'm actually betting that the Carousel is going to go there on the side of the Sangerfest Hall (in Spassburg), across from the kiddie teacups, in the space that used to be the outdoor seating.

    You are correct! The park president confirmed the carousel will be next to Sangerfest Hall.

    The old shade structure will be re-used as part as the queue also.

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