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  1. ^ considering Medusa's parking lot setting, any theming is a welcome change. That's the one I'm looking forward to the most, love the ride already, can't wait to hear what's in store for the sky/flight-themed re-theming.


    Knowing Six Flags, i doubt they will even change anything to do with it being a P-lot coaster. I bet they will re paint it, "theme" the station and give it another name, and thats it.


    Hell yea...They'll just keep the current station, paint it and "try" to theme it.

  2. Screamscape confirmed the announcement next Wednesday. But here's the cool part for now, they'll announce the new theme for the park: Sea, Land and Sky! The front of the park with no animals will obviously be the Sky area, so going by those cool new colors on V2, just for fun I'm calling DragonFire or Fire Dragon as the new name/theme.


    Yea true....and if rumors are true they'll probably re-theme and re-paint medusa to sum sky crap

  3. I just got a call from a friend that lives in Vallejo and got the news that V2 is being repainted red! Could they be going for a superman theme?


    Sorry no pics...could anyone get ahold of them?





    Anyways, I like the colors it was..i think it would have been cool for them to keep the same colors, but just re paint it. And am i alone but does anyone think that Medusa should have gotten repainted before Vertical Velocity?



    Ummm yea Medusa needs a new coat of paint really bad.

  4. I just had and experience like that 2 weeks ago on Medusa at SFMW!...I pulled down my restraint as far as i could, the damn op came by and pushed on my restraint more and it barely clicked again, i really didnt think nothing of it...but then as we were going through the loop..."CLICK!"...it went up a notch!


    It wasnt an "Im Gonna Die" moment, but it got me really good....better than their Fright Fest

  5. This happens to me all the time because last time i went to SFMW(DK). The first ride of the day was Medusa in the back and the drop was nuts and it tingled like crazy! and then after we headed to Kong and i kinda felt it on that. Then Boomerang kinda felt it on that too, then after that, i didnt feel the drop on any rides for the entire day. Not even on Medusa on the back row again.

  6. I think this happens to everybody, but I hate when the metal detevtors beep around my you know what when I'm wearing my belt.


    A. I wear baggy clothes so they can't see the belt.


    B. The security just stares at me.


    C. I am forced to take off my belt, while having a baggy pants on....


    That exact thing happened to me at SFMW about a month ago, I was so mad because my shorts were hella loose and i was having trouble putting on my belt afterwards.

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