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  1. I'm going to SFFT for my first time Sunday. Super glad I'm going to get to ride Batman...I'm a Six Flags over Georgia gold level member, so it should work for the season pass preview hopefully. One question...The weather in Texas has been crappy this week with tornadoes and floods and whatnot...How is the Six Flags parks in Texas when it comes to weather? I've been to some parks if the wind accidently blows a flag (Cedar Point) they'll shut down rides like crazy, as where parks like Kings Island will run their rides in a lightning storm. Just curious how Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags Fiesta Texas is about weather and shutting rides down. Thanks.


    Not sure about heavy rain but light rain won't shut rides down at SFFT.

    I just rode IRat and SKC in light rain on Sunday

    I have seen rides shut down due to high wind though.

  2. After watching some of the test runs this weekend, it looks like each side might offer a different experience each time you ride. It looks like some of the fins that help you spin are longer and shorter on some sides. I'd be interested to see which if any side is better and spins more.


    Yup! I noticed that this weekend as well.

    Some are in different spots along the track too.

    Can't wait!

  3. One time while working at SFDK.

    Park was getting ready to open and morning test runs we're happening.

    A maintenence worker working on Pandemonium (Then Tony Hawk's Big Spin) forgot his sweater on the track and we failed to notice.

    When the first car ran the cycle it got caught on the sweater and the car stalled/valleyed.


    It was definitely a WTF moment.

  4. I forgot one thing...looks like the swing ride "Whirligig" was moved and there is a new flat in its place. Anyone know more about these 2 rides? Where this came from and where Whirligig will go? I forgot to ask.


    I could be wrong but isn't that what a waveswinger (Whirligig) looks like while in rehab?

    SFFT covers it in a tarp I'm assuming.


    Awesome photo's btw! Thanks for sharing.

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