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  1. Gotta love The Beast. Rushing thru the woods in the pitch black of night is honestly breathtaking. Other Favorites In The Dark: Millenium Force Magnum XL-200 Montu/Kumba - Tied BTMR - WDW (With the fireworks is special)
  2. Absolutely ROBB! I used to feel this way even more so with SOUNDS DANGEROUS. Now that that abomination is gone, Stitch is #1... What next will Disney do to appease the masses and not try to push any buttons?... #BringBackAlienEncounter I think Predator up at Darien Lake comes in a close second...
  3. Or maybe you just need to traaaaaaaaaaaavel! If only there was a "Like" button for your post, Robb.
  4. Just watched. WOAHHH. That Animated POV they showed was sick, sick, sick. This is going to honestly be one of the most intense and insane RMC's (and woodies for all intents and purposes) out there. #2016CannotComeFastEnough
  5. Rob- THANK YOU! I've been wondering that for such a long time, and you just made my day! Kudos! Bry
  6. Billy Elliot In The Heights Shrek Hairspray Aida Ave Q Next to Normal and a bunch more! I work with the NY theater's so I have seen over 60 shows in the past year and a half - craaaazy...
  7. Does anyone remember a water ride that was at Myrtle Beach Grand Prix (South) ? 2 swinging/spinning cars held 2 people sat back-to-back with a hose to shoot water out of. They could go, if I remember, pretty high and spin pretty fast! Just wondering- thanks! Bryan
  8. The 4th Photo down (Pirate -land) looks to be the new section for HK DL. It has been previously known that they are getting a new POC ride there and it will be in its' own lagoon. So, if my thought pattern is correct, it will be going there. Carlands' ride looks like an updated Test Track; so I do not see that going to any of the Florida parks unfortunately. The last picture could be a revamped section for Animal Kingdom. Remember the old 'Beastly Kingdom" that was never built? Going back to original drawings, it looks somewhat like the concepts when the park was being built. Only time will tell. Finally, could the nighttime show be an updated Fantasmic? If you looks closely in the middle of the page, Mickey and the sorcers' hat are clearly seen ... hmmm These are exciting pictures - can't wait for actual details!
  9. Hi there! That Traffic Jam ride I went on this year in Buffalo at the Erie County Fair. It is somewhat intense spinning and pretty fun, and it's good to see it as the new ride of its' company! Glad you had fun there, Rob!
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