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  1. ^ Oh definitely - I think the rule is as long as you enter into the mouth of something that is attempting to be some sort of creature or animal (no matter how badly, like in this example ) then it totally counts!
  2. ^^ Wow this one's pretty special - where is this? ^ This one's on the borderline... but thanks for contributing!
  3. ^ Great, and at Berlin's Spreepark too - a doubly good contribution!
  4. I'm 100% convinced most people would agree that rides on which you get eaten by any sort of animal are the very best kind. But where in the world can you find such rides? Here are a few to start off with: Hansa Park, Germany - Nessie Superrollercoaster Everything's going well, the ride feels like it's going to carry on, and then... (source : Robb and Elissa, TPR Forums) Heide Park, Germany - Krake You get eaten by Paul the Octopus at the bottom of the first drop! (source : Hanno Roos, TPR Forums) German Fairs, Germany - Wilde Maus (Göbel) Surely the very best Wild Mouse ride out there (even better than WIlde Maus XXL!). A mixture of thrill and great fun! (source : Robin Schroder, TPR Forums) Please help by adding more - let's make this the reference point for rides on which you get eaten by an animal. Thanks!
  5. Great pictures as usual, Hans! Particularly interested to see the Geldautomat. Not too much more work needed on Chiapas - should be ready in no time! Looking forward to riding it!
  6. TP - you've clearly not been following our GeForce Weekend trip reports - we've been meticulous in detailing the changes to the park year on year! Ha ha Yes - Holiday Park has been reworked to the max in recent times! I confirm that the padding on GeForce's lapbars is so much firmer than on other Intamins I've ridden - the year where the 1st trim was taken away and the negative Gs were through the roof left us with pain in our upper thighs for a long time afterwards, we got so much airtime! Not a complaint, Holiday Park / Plopsa Germany / TüV - please take the trim away again!! It's not just due to height - I'm nowhere near as tall as Hans!
  7. (2nd) Intamin : The Intamin Pre-fab Wooden Coasters such as Balder, El Toro, T Express are undoubtedly some of the best in the world, yet there haven't been any new such coasters since 2008, possibly as a result of the high price of the pre-fabrication process, and the advent of other, competitively priced, modern wooden coaster products - is there anything they can do to bring down the production costs sufficiently to make them competitive enough for parks to build more?
  8. Intamin : With the Intamin Megacoasters such as Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park), Bizarro (Six Flags New England) and Goliath (Walibi World) consistently topping the polls year upon year, can we ever expect to see any more?
  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!* *You know, like some slow-motion sequence in a silly action movie!
  10. Was the first before the Bückel hill? Just before the overbanked turn-around and final 4 hills?
  11. ^ 2 trims? The park removed the trims before the Stengel Bückel (S-turn/hill) after GeForce's down-time a couple of years ago - they've not been put back have they?! They weren't there in May this year. The trims before the final 2 bunny hops definitely remain - these were not modified.
  12. Thanks for posting this report - interesting to hear your perspective on the park!
  13. Hans, great report from our trip to Geforceland!! After some research, it turns out we liked the X train best! Avoid the non X train at all costs!!!
  14. Too bad it looks like you can only get a day pass if you know someone already staying at the resort at the time, and that the minimum stay appears to be 3 nights. Does anyone know any different?
  15. ^ Whilst the one at Hansa was a lot of fun when we rode it, we really spun out of control on the one at Parc Asterix! With several 'is the raft going to stay in the slide' moments! Here is my Europa Park summary: We had a really good day at Europa Park - it's difficult not to! Blue Fire - a great, great ride! Silver Star - a great ride! (shame about the trims) Wodan - a great family ride! (when the queue is open)
  16. We all had a great time at Parc Asterix. Goede Gezelligheid!! Oz Iris is easily as good as Nemesis and Katun! I absolutely loved it - especially right at the very back. A great first drop, some forceful bits, some nice floaty bits, and fantastic theming all combine to make a brilliant ride! I would strongly encourage you all to go and ride it! Tonnerre de Zeus wasn't overly rough, although it kind-of fizzled out as the ride went on. Disappointing! It certainly didn't hit the break-run with enough speed to shake it violently, as it has done in previous years. L'Oxygénarium has to the best Spinning Rapids ride I've ever been on - ultra spinny, ultra fast, ultra intense! It was a great ride to end a brilliant day! Oh, and of course Goudurix was very re-rideable* *when I rode it in 1993
  17. The Travel Channel -style commentary was excellent - would love to see more during your trip!
  18. Big Mike - that's so great! I know you've always wanted to ride a coaster with Lucky Dog, but the Ferris Wheel comes close! Have a great time - both of you!!
  19. Glad you all had fun! I had a surprise smooth(-ish) ride on Saw a few weeks ago - a surprise because the most recent ride prior to that delivered a couple of choice jolts to my spine! So, there are definitely good and bad trains.
  20. I completely agree that Hansa Park is amazing!! For me, it's up there with Europa Park, Holiday Park, Alton Towers, Mirabilandia, Liseberg and Gröna Lund as one of my favourite parks in Europe. And Fluch von Novgorod is my second favourite coaster in Germany - second only to GeForce!
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