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  1. I couldn't wait to ride it i had to fudge some stuff at work to leave, and then had to wait 10 mins in line cause some girl kept saying "i'm scared!" with her group of friends. I'll be back for 20 or so rides thurs evening.
  2. I was upset but realized that how it was...I rode it and when my girlfriend and i made it back into the station shelaughed at me cause my eyes were watery!(I wear contacts, and my eyes leak during fast front seat action ) I enjoyed being able to walk off and not have to hold my thigh from hurting. When we left i saw tx coasters blue beanie bouce in the air through the first drop.
  3. Woo! No more POP! I hated it my cousin and i called it the "nut chopper" As skinny as we are we'd have to adjust out self without getting our pelvis smashed! Great pics though, Can't wait to ride it some more
  4. The launch on GL at AW is still weak, 0-60 in six seconds is not very quick. A lot of stock cars on the road can do better then that... that said, it still was my favorite coaster at AW. What car in 1978 could do that?
  5. Kemah is NOT cash rich...Look at Landry's earning and LOSS this past quarter.
  6. Jim congrats...Are you married?! How they hell can you get 400 rides? I'm only at 82 and have to shuffle and trick my gf into thinking i'm staying late at work!
  7. If we're in it do we get a discount? j/k I don't work at Burger King so i can afford it!
  8. I don't care to count "credit" in my book it doesn't give you any more credibility. It's like me saying i've had 10 girlfriend and you have had 2....Doesn't make me any better than you. Plus if i sat down and remembered i'd forget how to find the slope of an angle ! haha! I can't even remember how many times i've been on B Bullet.
  9. But it does have coasters, If you do the "child swap" you have to be in the station w/baby...
  10. Not trying to be funny but leave the baby behind with family. An 8 month old at the theme park does not seem an enjoyable idea. I went to ride BoardWalk Bullet with my friend and 1 year old and got scared when he heard the train fly by.
  11. I'm glad someone else agrees! I'm tired of people saying "It's good!..." Yeah maybe 10 years ago.
  12. Wow very impressive! I thought "Pfft, a camera stuck with duct tape!" but it looks wonderful! Those shots under the track, Around the bends! I love it! Thanks robb!
  13. Wow i had fun...! I think i hurt my shoulder trying to keep my arms up as much as i could. I wanted to Pee for so long but tried not to miss any rides! Robb and everyone else was cool! I went with my little cousin (i was wearing a striped blue and white shirt) PS: Elissa is even hotter up close Had a great time. First coaster "outing" with a group of nuts like me! I stuck around a few more times after everyone left. I like the "ugh" look from the normal ops that are there when they see us. Not mr 300 or mr 250 guru guy but i'm only at 69 runs! methylene- What happened to "Let the women watch the babies!?" You were holding the baby more than you rode
  14. Most museums and other "educational" vists are mostly once a year things for me. They are boring! However the museum of fine arts is good! That is my favorite.
  15. I've sent my email i work that day...BUT i can certainly go since i don't work that far.
  16. That's been made clear plenty of times. It's either "Goliath" or they could've left it to rot at SFNO. They're lucky they have a "new" coaster coming. All we have is am empty cow pasture named "Astroworld" and bullet 20 miles away.
  17. Typical RCS carnival, They bought a new ride and haven't used it? Some ride named tornado or something. Great job. Looked like fun.
  18. I don't care about counting, I ride for the feeling. I hate it when a park closes a ride and people whine " Ooh i'm going to miss that credit!" Who cares If you ride 1000 coasters or 1 it doesn't affect me at all.
  19. Commerical shoot/POV possibly they removed something from the first train, i assume a tripod for camera.
  20. Wow! Went today and i was dissapointed to see it closed. I noticed a large boom deal near the front. Saw a full car of riders coming down the lift. What a full train!? I got off with my cousin and they recruited us to ride for a commercial/photo shoot. We had to sign a release and we were off. We got to ride atleast 7 times before they let a bunch of paying people on. The shooting crew was real cool and i got 7 free rides!
  21. I've never seen it packed, las night Some overweight lady got stuck and couldn't get her seatbelt on that was a 2 train wait. Nothing major.
  22. It has actually gotten smoother since it opened, It's not that bad for me anymore. It's certainly not Texas Giant, You can ride that once and never again...That's ROUGH i've been on this thing 20 times in a row, with minimal pain(and i'm skinny.)
  23. It starts off like a bull riding event. Gate opens and BAM! In the front seat since the rest of the train is "pushing" the first car, from the first drop to the bay turn is almost like a blurr it happens so fast, before you know it 16 secs later youre on the 3rd hill. The bay turn is probably the best part! If you have your hands up it feels like you're gonna touch the wood!
  24. It sure is! i want to go every day! You need a STRONG neck, my neck hurts... But i'm sure i'll get used to it.
  25. They walk it every day. They don't grease everyday. They greased when they opened it. You can't really see the grease on the track(i couldn't tuesday) It might be time.
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