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  1. I would assume you just take your print out and wait like the others in the bot line. Then trade the print out for the device.
  2. After testing it will be "open" but not Officially opened(As far as the media/public is concerned. When i worked at Office Depot we "soft opened a store" the store was technically open but staff was training/store wasn't advertised as being opened. You could buy stuff.
  3. Welcome aboard this is your "soft opening alert" thread. What area was the track being "torn up" on?
  4. No, google isn't updated monthly. Last update still show parts of AW.
  5. I have no idea what the hill it got stuck on goes to... Blue is where i saw the train/assume and the red is where it was stuck/vallied.
  6. No second train vallied at 11am, Probably due to lack of momentum.(the train was 75% off the 3rd hill when it moved.
  7. It's not the first train is it? THe other train dissapeared in the back of the ride. You can't see it from the front nor from the back.
  8. It vallied again at the bottom of the hill, I don't know they might use the same method with pullys and hold it at the top of the hill (after they install anti roll backs) and push it though again.
  9. They used a chain pulley to move the train off the hill...I heard it zoom by the front...The train didn't make it back to the station. If vallied again on the hill closest to the bay. It look like it *almost* didn't make it through the banked turn under the drop but it did... PS: I'm setting up a fuel recovery charge I live 20 miles away.
  10. I think all the kinks should be worked out at the end of the week, No rain= better productivity, But as said before "it will open when it's ready..."
  11. That and for those that don't know. I went to school with a girl that didn't know Astroworld had closed a year later.
  12. Shouldn't be up there too much longer i guess. No one was really working at 10 am(atleast i didn't see anything) I saw a guy taking a break eating a banana and coke. *shrugs*
  13. I went to Fry's Electronics, so i was 5 miles away. Didn't see anything but a few people walking under the lift hill, and some people taking pictures. A couple and some guy out there.
  14. Yep, Although six flags removed all info except a link to the parks.
  15. I seriously doubt the company building the ride would leave before it is running.... Not being mean but the past few days the people working on the ride are mexicans, Maybe locals. The crew building the structure might be gone.
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