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  1. ?? The train(one train) stopped yesterday the same way it did on Friday with 2 trains, for a few seconds and then cleared to the station.
  2. I don't think so it only did it one time, It cycled faster without the 2nd train. I'm scared to go to sleep, I KNOW my back will ache in the morn
  3. They are all training in shifts so some are just learning the rules and others are not. They'll all get the hang of it down the road. Its good they are training more, the initial crew was working their butts off, 12+ hours a day for the first few days. How was it riding compared to previous days? -GG I would say today was the best ride! The train was quite empty for 30 mins or so, The employees on the ride outnumbered the guests for awhile. They did have some "malfunctions" Train SPEEDS into station without stopping(or maybe slowed alittle) at brake run, Train didn't make it back into station correctly, Seat 1 stopped at gate5 and the guy kept yelling "Turn it on and off!" Lapbars didn't always release, they would have to "lift up" the yellow manual release. Only 1 train, but no more than even 1 train wait, Train on transfer track was getting some work(on lapbars) I heard a very intersting comment today... There is a guy who checks up every 20 mins or so and quizes the employees and walks with a clipboard. A man comes up to him and says "Are you the manager!?" Guy replies "Yes" The man starts bickering that "NO WHERE ON THE SIGNS does it say you need a ticket..." There is a "Every rider must have ticket or wristband" sign on the entrance! I can't understand, Some people. Today they stopped a train halfway cause a lady had a giant purse. Duh" Secure loose articles!" No one reads or hears or sees anyone else putting up purses.
  4. I was out there tonight, Rode 20 times now standing at 35 rides:) I enjoyed being out there the ride ops are cool! That is when they want, 2 said "You can stay in your seat as long as no one is in line!" Still i got off every 3 times to stretch legs, drink water...etc. A new group ops comes and EVERY get's off No re rides! WTH? We asked one of the guys and said the same thing(no one in line...ride again.) I'm scratching my head.
  5. You were mr 400 coasters?! We sat behind you on Sat morning several times, I was wearing black boombox shirt, with my cousin. Did anyone else feel the pain at the bottom of the lift hill? I thought i was gonna have my spine come out of the back of my head! I rode almost every seat there was! I'm going back!
  6. You move to any sort of business you should know better. IT'S NOT quiet out there before bullet, Boats racing and loud engines every few mins. PS: the people that live there are old anyway One guy was waving at us on the lift hill from the house across the street.
  7. Nope...we weren't out there yesterday. I was the guy in the Superman T-shirt on Friday night. I got to ride on the very first public train...1st -Derek Damn, i was introduced to you (quickly) at Astroworld one time, Looked just like you.
  8. All i can say is i got my but kicked! Beats the hell out of Rattler, and giant!I rode 15 times yesterday, a few walk arounds. I Think fisherman was out there, (Wearing a bullet shirt) I was wearing a black shirt with a boombox on it. My leg got beat up My back aches and so does my neck! The drop!? I can't say anything but it did hurt!
  9. I paid $15 to park my car @ SFOT in July. How much did you pay for parking at Kemah? (I know - $0) That alone makes it a bargain beyond value! Wait! and park 10 feet from the coaster?!
  10. Wow good review, I hope they open it at 11 tommorow, I'll be there in the morn. How were the lines? My cousin went and said it was closed although there was no rain around 9oclock? Jason, You were owed the first ride...Did you enjoy it?!
  11. Damn went and spent 2 hours out there! Just cycling the trains, Some with employees some empty.
  12. True, When i went to Kemah in 2002 after prom, There was no Invertor, Aviator, bouncer or submarine, When i went back in 2005 i was amazed.
  13. You sure have been negative on this ride lately...saying how the web site didn't work "just like the coaster" and now all the signs for the ride are apparently pointless. Kemah Boardwalk is not a Six Flags park...they handle things differently. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to ride it just like everyone else. The post about the coaster not working had a smiley face next to it. Nothing serious. The billboards aren't directing anyone to Kemah specifally. Do you agree? I googled "You'll be sweating bullets." and got some junk on global warming. We know what it is, The general public may not know. If i didn't come here or sfh site i wouldn't know. I don't listen to FM radio(which i heard had a bullet commercial) and i watch very little tv. If you got offended SORRY!
  14. Damn if it opens arounds noon i'll be there like a nut by myself, wife at work, friends asleep.
  15. Why is everyone so worried about how Kemah is advertising this ride? The fewer people that know about it, the shorter the lines! BTW...there are commercials on TV saying it is open. I guess just as reaasurance it's open. Nothing any where says "YES! Get your butt here!"
  16. I'll head out there today around 12...It's the best i can do till tuesday working 2-11 all weekend...
  17. Those signs are pointless, "Become bullet proof" i saw this one on 59 yesterday...No mention of Kemah, How are people supposed to get there?
  18. Same here! I went today! Ha if i remember you from the astroworld auctions, I think i saw you, wearing black shorts.Yep... that was me! Small world. Where were you watching at? I was at the back side by the water watching then I was standing out in front on the sidewalk by the first drop watching.I was leaving starbucks, Looks like you were crossing the street. It had been cycled 2 times before you got there.
  19. Same here! I went today! Ha if i remember you from the astroworld auctions, I think i saw you, wearing black shorts.
  20. Went to night for dinner at Salt grass, Saw some people at the station and 10 mins they were gone. Maybe i missed some testing. There was maybe 1 family and one group of drunks from a resturant on the entire amusement area. It was only 910pm wed night! I REALLY hope bullet is open the entire week!
  21. Yes, this has been answered 4 times before ! Sorry but I wasn't about to try to read 95 pages! Just teasing you! It's practically dead before 12 when most rides open. Great ride and re ride times!
  22. The boardwalk bullet page is now www.boardwalkbullet.com and it doesn't work yet! Hmm just like the coaster.
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