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  1. Of course, "this wasn't supposed to happen" comment applies to the ride being open by now Damn RAIN!
  2. I drove by today not that bad traffic, but hard to find parking. The train is still in the front of the ride, very few people out working on it. I saw maybe 4 guys working on the hill where it vallied and 2 guys working on the gate near the drop.
  3. Guys it appears this thing has seatbelts....Not my pics taken by "nholt"
  4. I've never been to a theme park outside of texas but those are the best trains i've ever seen!
  5. I honestly don't know, I saw maybe 3 men walking the track inspecting it i assume. When i saw the train there was a man with a drill underneath the ttrain and track, I don't know what he was doing.
  6. I took a quick trip, My damn car kept saying "Low coolant" so i had to run!If you see straight ahead you can see the train, I forgot my 200mm lens They were working underneath the train, and they kept drilling up on the hill that it valleied on. The train is Right across from Salt Grass. I saw a guy and a child "going to ride" it. They realized it wasn't open yet...
  7. Did it valley in the hill behind it in pic 3? I would naturally assume so. It looks too tall/banked.
  8. I'm getting tired of waiting! I'm calling my job and telling them i need a week off, I'll climb the wooden structure and help!
  9. As of 2pm they were still working on the drop/turn around from the lift...
  10. Wow i was out there around 11 am and they were still working on the drop. Can't wait!
  11. As jason pointed out the 2nd train is gone and i assume on the track, the water test dummies are gone off the pallet. So any day... They was maybe 15 people working on stuff. Looks like the first drop is nearly completed.
  12. how is it a straight shot? 45 is 7/8 miles from the boardwalk. I drove from Nasa Road one and then turned on some FM road.(Not questioning, but if you know a better way to get there it would help me too.)
  13. Look at the foiliage at SFOT simply amazing! SFFT is too hot...
  14. Yep, It's the extra wide plain sidewalks. Anyone see the "roaming gang" pic in the SFFT photos?
  15. Very well said and possibly quite true. I've read the thread and got fed up with "BG charges .50 cents..." Blah blah...This isn't 50 cents were talking about...I noticed at SFOT when we road the "blue" train the blue door would be open. While waiting in the line i'd see the red side open when the red train was coming in.
  16. Good, Now they won't win them and bounce them around the park, On walls, Infront of you, in the queue...
  17. I remember watching a swimming video where Russian athletes swam in brown water...
  18. There has been a bundle of wood up there almost since the turn was completed. I wonder what the problem is? Also, Is the old green fence near saltgrass(at the back) gone?
  19. Does the top "turn" have any track yet? It looks like they put it up and never laid wood track or steel track.
  20. I've been out at 10 am and 11 am it's very light and most rides are open.
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