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  1. The "steeple" autosupporting is the worst - I switched to the "chapel" structure and it made the ride easier to clean up and it actually made the ride look better. I was just making sure that the support problem was something unavoidable.
  2. When I use wide auto supports (I refuse to hand-build every support) on a track with terrain, the nodes do not follow the terrain. Instead, the nodes are placed as if the ride has no terrain at all. That makes footers appear on the terrain with nothing visible attached to them. Anyone know what I'm talking about and can help?
  3. Here's a new one coming soon from me...still have a little bit of cleaning to do.
  4. POV Video is up! [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Take_a_ride_on_FRENZY_gmra[/coastertube] Download is up too! Frenzy.nltrack Okay, it's not GeForce or Bizarro, but I think it's pretty close to their level...
  5. It's been a while! Frenzy is on the home stretch of being completely finished. Here are some shots before I load up a video and a download. IMG tags are just easier for me: Frenzy is sporting a brand spanking new color scheme. You can now see that the entire ride is surrounded by trees. Oooh! Station fly-by! Take that, GCI! Here's a look at the custom station. Frenzy is running in three-train operation. Video and download coming soon!
  6. Hold on a sec...if more and more Megalites are built around the world and all of them are ridden, does that mean that everyone's Top 5 lists will be Megalite, Megalite, Megalite, Megalite, Megalite?
  7. Thanks everyone. I completely understand that RCT is fictional. However, that one instance just hit me and caused the fear. The thing is, I think I'd be fine once the ride starts. It's just getting from the station platform to the seat! If I don't feel up to doing Fahrenheit or Stormrunner, maybe I'll start in the middle-ish and ride Wildcat or Lightning Racer...
  8. Okay, you may think I'm crazy to be a coaster enthusiast and be too chicken to ride, but hear me out. I started playing RCT over 10 years ago, and wanted to be a professional roller coaster designer ever since. But, RCT gave me an irrational fear or roller coasters the first time a ride broke down with a station brakes failure and crashed. I want to overcome that fear. I'm going on a youth trip on Wednesday to Hersheypark. Give me some advice please - what's the best "big" coaster in the park for a chicken like me to overcome his fear? Also, if you have any other advice to help me out a bit, that would be appreciated...
  9. That's the old POV you're watching, the transition has since been smoothed and shocks have since been turned off. No, it doesn't, but it is forceful - about 4Gs at the bottom of each turnaround. Support revision: The resupported third hill. Extra bracing has been added to the old structure as well as the structure on the second hill.
  10. Here's some more progress shots: Finally, here's the spiral. It has a very Son Of Beast-esque design to it. Here's the third hill leading into the spiral. Like I said before, the support structure style is going to show up a lot. Here's the second hill. The transition from the first hill to the second hill has been smoothed out.
  11. It did turn out longer than I thought - 4500 feet! I've trimmed 100 feet off by tightening and rebanking the curves of the semi-figure-eight finish. It's become less dragged out and more intense. Also, I've already started fine-tuning the transitions and I'm liking what I'm seeing. As for the shocks, I can't tell the difference between when they're on or off... The trim coming off of the first airtime hill isn't really a trim, it's a block section to allow three-train operation. Thanks for the comments - I'm already at work making the ride even better.
  12. POV: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=frenzy_raw_unfinished_iggj[/coastertube]
  13. As you might have seen in the preview thread, I'm working on a new mini-hyper. It's about 160ft/49m tall. The ride has floater air, air, ejector air, and an OMG moment. The first drop looks like it's 75-80 degrees steep. The trackwork has already been completed. I'll make up a POV soon, but for now, here's some shots of the in-progress support structure. Here's a closeup of the drop. Get used to this kind of support design - it's going to show up a lot. Here's the lift and first drop. The lift has a framework structure.
  14. Here's a new mini-hyper I'm working on. Haven't come up with a name for it yet. The entire ride is hand-heartlined (I don't use tools). I have some more smoothing and tweaking to do before I start supporting it.
  15. Here's a coaster from me that took some fine-tuning. Whatever happened to the shuttle loop? No one seemed to pick up the concept or even make a variation - until the Boomerang. But, no one thought to revive the simple launch, loop, spike, loop, spike. Designed by me (not Intamin, but the track looks like it ), the new-age shuttle loop jacks up the speed to 65mph, has two 160-foot spikes, and a holding brake on top of the back spike. The train pulls an intense 5Gs through the loop, and each spike is pitched at an angle beyond vertical. The new-age shuttle loop uses LIMs to accelerate the trains. New, better track - same timeless Schwarzkopf loop. shuttleloop.nltrack The evolution of the shuttle loop.
  16. This is my second NL coaster posted online. It's called Sideswipe, and it's a GCI. It's a coaster that could be affectionately referred to as the "mini" GCI. It only stands 70 feet tall. It's designed to give thrill-seekers their fill with more NINETY-DEGREE turns than you can count on one hand, but it's also a coaster for younger (or older) riders to ride as their first "big" coaster. An overview of the entire ride. Small, huh? Compliments and/or *constructive* criticism is welcome. Sideswipe_mini.nltrack Take a ride on the "mini" GCI!
  17. Hey all, I'm not new to the forum at all, I just don't post. AT ALL. Anyway, here's my first published NL coaster since I got the sim during Christmas 2007. It's called Blackhawk and it's a Vekoma SLC with one inversion, inspired by BGE's Big Bad Wolf. Comments welcome. Blackhawk_NCSO.nltrack Blackhawk download. Blackhawk overview. (forgot to turn the stats off though)
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