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  1. You're welcome! I agree with your guesses, I would also suspect that they think families would get upset if they were to be separated on a ride. I'm actually curious about how Disney will handle potential family separations once they re-open over here, I would guess that they would have a similar recommendation to Walibi.
  2. Walibi Holland will be re-opening on May 25th. See information here: https://www.walibi.nl/nl/covid19/maatregelen https://www.walibi.nl/nl/covid19/faq This information is not available natively in English, but here are the highlights: Several attractions will be running on virtual queues, it is not known which ones will be doing so at this time Advance reservations / day tickets, passholders still have unlimited access but have to reserve a date All attractions will be open except for Skydiver, Tequila Taxis, and NeuroGen (sorry Larry) 1.5 meter social distancing and other typical hygienic procedures Friend groups are discouraged from coming, family groups are okay
  3. Efteling is targeting re-opening on May 20th. https://www.efteling.com/nl/pers/efteling-heropent-haar-deuren/ Note that the above press release is not available natively in English. The way it will work is that they will be doing empty trials with staff first. Then on the 16th and 17th, it's staff member families and locals. Then on the 18th and 19th, it's a select group of passholders. Finally, on the 20th, the park opens to everyone, but at a total of one-third capacity.
  4. ^ To add to this, they are allowing annual passholders / club members one visit per month, and are still extending peoples' passes for the length of both the closure and the period of limited operation.
  5. Is it bad that I really, really want a Chicken Guy sandwich right now?
  6. I'm reading reports that regions of Germany are beginning to allow their theme parks to open. In North Rhine-Westphalia, it's May 11th. This includes parks like Phantasialand, Movie Park Germany, Schloß Beck, and Fort Fun. May 11th is also the target for Hansa Park in Schleswig-Holstein. For Heide-Park in Lower Saxony, it's May 25th. For Bavaria, it's May 30th - Bayern Park, Skyline Park, Legoland Deutschland, et al. For Baden-Württemberg, it's May 31st. Europe Park, Tripsdrill, Schwaben Park, etc. Remember, though, these dates are not hard dates for when they WILL open. Like Joey and others have said, the situation is fluid. Movie Park Germany has already made a statement that they will not be opening on the 11th.
  7. ^ I have my SeaWorld / Busch Gardens pass and I got emails from both parks, each with different extra perks.
  8. While this is nowhere even close to official yet, some Chinese sources are reporting that Shanghai Disneyland is getting ready to reopen in a few weeks, under a new restriction that, like Six Flags, will require guests to make advance reservations before visiting.
  9. Carnival Cruise Lines is resuming starting on August 1. https://www.travelandleisure.com/cruises/carnival-cruises-resume-service-august
  10. Some people are reporting this in the other thread, but I'll put it here because it's more relevant: SeaWorld Parks is automaticaly upgrading season passes and memberships in good standing to the next level / tier. Silver becomes gold, gold becomes platimum, etc. That means free preferred parking for me! I'll take it!
  11. ^ Someone already beat you to it, but thanks for the screenshot. This will be very interesting. I hope that they only allow one reservation per person / group and do not allow concurrent reservations... If they just let you reserve as many visits as you want, no one is going to be able to go because of the inevitable hoard of people that will just reserve every day because they can.
  12. No parades and / or live entertainment would actually be helpful at this time, people typically crowd / hoard up hours in advance for those and it's best that people keep moving. As for the queues, despite some of the exaggerations, I do recall some experts implying that the virus does not survive as well outdoors, so perhaps parks like the Disney parks will begin to use outdoor overflow queues as the "regular" queues with marked distancing intervals, and only let people inside until it's absolutely necessary. I know a lot of the queues at Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure are majority outdoor anyway.
  13. And... double post because it's a different subject... Holiday World will be re-opening on June 14th. https://www.holidayworld.com/covid-19/
  14. I've typically stuck to reporting the facts in this case, but here's an opinion: The "doesn't affect me, so why should I care" attitude is what will cause an increase in cases once theme parks and large venues open. I was just in downtown Winter Park, a well-to-do college town north of Orlando yesterday, and in two hours I could count the number of people actually wearing masks and / or truly social distancing with one hand. Very few in this country will consistently obey any rules regarding these new guidelines (heck, even I have violated them on occasion), and current evidence suggests that some people will actually become upset enough about them to issue threats toward those making the rules. Few will choose to accept inconvenience for the common good due to an implication of restricted freedom ("liberty", if you will). Add that attitude to the already awful attitude of "I paid my life savings for my Disney vacation so I'm allowed to act like a moron" and you have a recipe for disaster. I want the theme parks to open back up for not just the sake of my enjoyment, but more importantly for the livelihood of my friends, co-workers, and all the other great people in the business. But I would not want to be in the shoes of the major theme park operators right now, they have a real Kobayashi Maru situation on their hands.
  15. That's great that you got to see so much, I was completely enthralled by the Vondelpark and didn't really see anything else.
  16. I did some digging and found the concept art in question. Here's the source article.
  17. Just had SeaWorld pop into my email inbox. Here's what's happening with their tickets and passes for apparently all parks under the company's umbrella: Annual passes and memberships will be extended for the length of time of the closure Domestic tickets that were set to expire during the closure get extended through the end of 2021 Tickets purchased internationally that were set to expire during the closure get extended through the first week of 2022 Any in-park experience that you would have participated in can be rescheduled through the end of 2021 Upcoming discounts on tickets and new benefits for passholders
  18. We have a first date now - Florida (with the exception of the greater Miami area) will enter "phase 1" of re-opening on Monday May 4th. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/04/29/gov-ron-desantis-says-most-of-florida-can-enter-phase-1-of-reopening-on-may-4/ The governor did not answer any questions regarding the theme parks, but the allowance of 25% of retail and restaurant space means that places like Disney Springs may be able to start re-opening with restrictions.
  19. Anyone know if the extension applies to new season passes? This is making me consider buying one.
  20. Keep in mind that the above update is only for Orange / Osceola counties I believe... the governor has yet to commit to a date for everything to start re-opening, though at the same time Florida has not yet extended the stay-at-home order set to expire at the end of the month. I can also confirm seeing hours for Busch Gardens starting in mid-May... Hillsborough county is apparently one of the country's best-performing counties, so they may start to open things up before other counties in the state. Whether the governor says, "counties have the power" or "the state has the power" is to be determined. I would speculate that parks would be required to submit numbers for theoretical and actual capacity and the "restricted" capacity would be based on those. It's called out as a "mandate" as opposed to a "guideline" so the parks will probably have to track it.
  21. We're now getting some new guidelines from Orange County here in Florida, seen here in this meeting, that are subject to change. For theme parks: 6-feet tape markings in queues Regularly wiping down surfaces at random Employees wear face masks Automatic hand santiizer dispensers at ticketing / turnstiles, ride entrances, and ride exits Temperature checks for all employees, those above 100.4 deg F stay home Employees with flu-like symptoms stay home 50% capacity during "Phase 1" as defined by the U.S. government, 75% during "Phase 2" Really typical stuff, there is also guidance for Orange County's other industries like hotels, restaurants and the like. Remember that a region is defined as able to go into "Phase 1" once they have demonstrated a decrease in COVID-19 cases over the course of two weeks, then Phase 2 after another two weeks of decrease. Mayor Demings commented that it is more realistic to see openings in June or later rather than May. For what it's worth, the U.S. projection model was also revised today and says that "relaxed social distancing" won't be possible in Florida until June 21st (a week later than previous).
  22. Oh dear, I wish that more people here in the U.S. were willing to take the time and read / follow instructions. This quote from Everland's guide is particularly poignant - A lot of people draw the line there, and it's unfortunate.
  23. Every time we hear news of a new model predicting when restrictions can be lifted, there's a huge amount of speculation about what date(s) we'll start seeing parks reopen again. For example, a current model is predicting a June 14th date for relaxed distancing requirements here in Florida. However, that same model pegged it as June 11th yesterday, and June 1st a week ago. And, much like we're seeing at China parks right now, there will be at least several weeks before the parks actually open, that will be used for adequate re-training. I don't anticipate any re-opening dates being made public until each park is confident that they can have the situation under control. A park could (in worst case) be in this testing / training phase for months, too.
  24. Now hopefully it will be safe to open Carowinds late this summer, and I can have my autumn colors trip back!
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