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  1. Oof, there's a juicy quote. Enjoy your internet cool points while you can, I'm going to go make some popcorn. I mean, in fairness, there really isn't anything to do in a regular queue as it is. With the new systems, you're merely getting to decide where you want to wait. It's okay by me because I can take the 30-60 minutes I would normally spend in switchbacks and go snap some coaster photos. Or, families with non-riding children can now stay together for longer periods of time. If these systems pick up like I think they will, it definitely will be awkward for the next few years as parks adapt with larger gathering spaces, potentially more food options, and more "places to see" throughout the park.
  2. Get used to virtual queuing in the long haul, Holiday World is likely the first of, well, everyone to implement such a system.
  3. Noticeable for sure but not restrictive. They have a little bit of give to them which means you don't lose out on any airtime but there's enough pressure to keep your body from being thrown around in the twisties. Lech Coaster's setup was probably the best out of the ones we did on the Europe trip (Python, Speed of Sound, Formula, Mayan, Lech Coaster). On the newer models, hands-up riding is comfortable too.
  4. The parks are owned by the mall operators, the Triple Five Group. All the attractions are themed under license from Viacom-CBS. It's a similar relationship to Tokyo Disney Resort's, where the Oriental Land Company owns and operates the resort under license from Disney.
  5. I thought really hard about it but I'm pretty sure I made the correct decision to skip Condor. Untamed is my number one steel coaster now, it is INCREDIBLE. Walibi Holland was one of the more hospitable parks on the trip for the group for sure.
  6. Yeah, well, contain your excitement, because whatever they were planning has probably been pushed back another year at the least.
  7. https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2020/05/welcome-back-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-phased-reopening-of-disney-springs-at-walt-disney-world-resort/ More information on Disney Springs' reopening is available on the Disney Parks blog, but here are the main takeaways: Parking / capacity for the Orange and Lime garages only, no surface parking; Entrances restricted to the two garages, the Hotel Plaza Blvd pedestrian bridge, and the rideshare drop-off Masks and / or face coverings required for anyone over 3 years old Temperature screenings upon entry - if you're pegged at 100.4 deg F or warmer you're directed to a different area and checked again, if your temperature is confirmed to be over the limit, your entire party will be denied entry Distancing and separation measures including physical barriers in some places Increased cleanliness procedures Cashless transactions recommended but not required
  8. Around $300, that's not bad. I'd definitely consider it!
  9. Yeah, I'm one of those people who does, so I won't be taking my car through one of those any time soon. That being said, I hope Six Flags has a policy of not allowing rental vehicles through there, otherwise people will probably be on the hook for a lot of damage.
  10. Tripsdrill will be opening on May 29th. There's no further information on how they will do ticketing but it's a fair assumption to think that they will go to reservations. https://tripsdrill.de/en/
  11. Phantasialand will be opening on May 29th. https://www.phantasialand.de/en/current-information-to-the-opening/ So, the only information made public so far is that Phantasialand, like everyone else, will be using day reservation tickets to limit their capacity. If you've already bought a ticket, you are allowed to change it to a specific day reservation.
  12. This argument has been beaten to death not only on the forum, but also the Facebook page / group and the Twitter page. If you don't like the rule, don't go, it's that simple. Theme parks are private property and they can impose any restriction they want.
  13. I'm reading some reports that reservations for the Disney-owned restaurants at Disney Springs are beginning to become available starting on June 1st. They're not showing up on my My Disney Experience app, can anyone confirm?
  14. I don't think that Kentucky Kingdom should remain closed, but I'm with Elissa in thinking that 17,000 is a lot of people considering the circumstances. Could they have limited capacity further and still broken even? These first few re-openings (Holiday World and Kentucky Kingdom) are going to set the expectations for regional parks across the country. I really hope they don't screw up, for all our sakes.
  15. Update from Duinrell, they are opening the park to all guests instead of just Holiday Park guests, with limited capacity and advance reservations. Meanwhile, Toverland is "targeting" a re-opening date of May 19th, though the local mayor has approved it so they should be good to go. https://toverland.com/coronavirus/
  16. One of the issues with our public over here is that people have trouble with rules. "The rules don't apply to me or my family", or, "It doesn't affect me so why should I care", they say. They see rules for the greater good as a restriction of freedoms and "liberties" and therefore choose to ignore them. I do think these people are in the minority though, even though they tend to scream the loudest. I anticipate that once the "Reservation only" system goes into place over here, we're going to have a whole lot of people who are going to attempt to "barge in" or "sneak in" without a reservation. And when they don't get in, they'll cry and whine and pull the "are you going to say no to my children" card. Despite the Chinese Disney-going public being just as hungry for a day at the park as we are, they appear to be a lot more disciplined.
  17. Thanks for letting us know about Toverland. We've also been discussing re-openings of certain parks in their designated discussion threads: Efteling here - https://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1936456#p1936456 Walibi here - https://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1936458#p1936458
  18. Denmark is targeting June 8 for phase three of its reopening, which will allow amusement parks. Farup Sommerland, Djurs Sommerland, Tivoli Gardens, and Legoland Billund have all made statements that they are targeting to open on June 8, but the plans are not finalized yet. Tivoli Gardens appears to be the most confident about their opening, and they are extending their summer season to October 4. Farup also intends to add another weekend to their summer season. https://www.faarupsommerland.dk/da/mere/information-om-corona-covid-19-i-faarup/ https://djurssommerland.dk/coronavirus/ https://www.tivoli.dk/da/praktisk/coronavirus https://www.legoland.dk/vard-at-vide/coronavirus/ The theme parks in Norway are also optimistic about re-opening, as their government is authorizing their openings starting on June 1. I believe we'll hear more concrete information here in the next few days, for example, TusenFryd will be announcing their finalized plans on May 15. For our readers in North America and other countries outside the E.U., keep in mind that travel restrictions are still in effect and there are reports that they may be extended until the middle of June at the earliest.
  19. Obviously they have Max and Moritz coming up to replace Bob, but the COVID-19 pandemic has been screwing everything up. They do have an expansion planned that the neighbors aren't too happy about, the decision on whether that moves forward comes here in about a month. I know I keep a pretty close track on news and updates coming from Europe and post them, and we also have members from Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K. and more. Based on my own research for a similar reason, I think it would be easier for you to attempt to spin it as an internship during your years at college, at least from the immigration side. But yes, that's a different conversation and I would encourage you to use the search function for similar threads. We have had a lot of aspiring "enthusiast turn professional" members here too.
  20. I think it may be more due to the amount of surfaces that guests touch in a water park, such as carrying the tubes by their handles, holding onto grab bars until they're given the clear to go down the slides, body contact for slides that don't use inner tubes... I think it's a "better safe than sorry" mentality.
  21. I would be at a park opening day if we got something like Lech Coaster in the United States.
  22. They do mention that you're supposed to come with your own household, but then they turn it around and say "no composite families". To me, that comes across that a traditional family unit is okay, but several unrelated roommates living in the same house or apartment is not.
  23. Duinrell does not have a discussion thread: https://www.duinrell.nl/veilig-vakantie-vieren Duinrell will be re-opening the Holiday Park side of their development (houses, bungalows, camping, etc) starting on May 16th. Holiday Park guests will get unlimited access to the amusement park side and a set number of 2-hour access windows for the Tikibad water park depending on the day of the week.
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