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  1. No they shouldn't fall off, I wore sandals on that ride.
  2. Wow, I thought Zamperla was known for flat rides. This will change pretty soon. SOMEONE HAS TO BUY THAT!
  3. This is the first six flags! WILL SOMEONE HELP ME WITH POSTING PICTURES!
  4. Thanks man, I didn't think. That was my "first experience."
  5. Hi Robb, I just wanted to know how in the world do you hold your camera on the rides? Cody
  6. so thats how u get all that money to go to almost every single theme park in the world lucky!! you're a game designer ADMIN EDIT: Could you use proper spelling and capitalization in your posts, please? Using proper grammar will allow you to eventually get a good job that might get you "all that money" you'll need to travel around the world.
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