BBQ ~ Theme Park and Non-

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BBQ ~ Theme Park and Non-

Postby Nrthwnd » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:11 pm

I searched this to death, and nothing came up as a thread for just barbecue. By the way, is that how it's spelt in full? I am so used to the initials, I have forgotten how to "formally" spell it. :wink:

I shall start it, with an amazing meal Bert (bert425) and a friend of his (hi Don!) and I had, at a VERY WELL KNOWN establishment...

Famous Dave's at the Cedar Point Marina, at Cedar Point Resort/Park, in Ohio. Can't miss it, everybody talks about it. And we certainly
know why. From all the great decor in the place and it's adjoining bar, FD's is a great place for family eating. But be prepared to pay. But then,
it's soooooooo so worth it to pay that much, heh. My bill (w/o booze) and including a bottle of The BBQ Sauce, and a tip....$50 US. Totally worth it.

Here's the photos from that visit, Sunday June 4/17.
We're here!
Definitely here.
View from the dock where Dave's is.
Stuff on walls.
The bar area. Food is served here, as well as the main restaurant.
My drink of choice for the meal. Margarita!
In the menu.
Proof of above.
What I ordered. A 1/2 slab. With the Sweet & Sassy Sauce on it.
Choices of sauces.
Your server helps you remember which is which, sauce.
Mine! Mine! Mine! w/Red skin mash potatoes and creamy coleslaw. All excellent!
Dessert. Shared by all. One spoonful is all I could stand, for such a sugar rush!
Oh yeah, which to buy, which to buy?
The one on my ribs, was good enough to bring back home!
View 1 on the way back to our room at Breakers.
View 2 (o;
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Re: BBQ ~ Theme Park and Non-

Postby Philrad71 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:08 pm

Good thread, Bill...but then again, any thread about food is good! ;)

I admit that I'm not the hugest fan of most BBQ, because like Mexican and Asian food, it has to be done right or it sucks. And living in Western NY ain't exactly, NC, KC, Texas or Memphis. So while there are a couple of places around that are decent, I'm still looking for a place that might be able to stack up with one of the aforementioned barbecue (and that is the proper spelling, Bill!) destinations.

Here is a restaurant called Fat Bob's where I ate in Buffalo one late afternoon when Michael was in Buffalo General for nine weeks. The pulled pork was okay, but the brisket was the best that I have ever had!

Now if it wouldn't have been for the drunk woman sitting near me that was leading a "friend" of hers on and then telling him what a low-life POS he was, my meal would have been much more fulfilling. It got so uncomfortable that I boxed up half of my meal and took it with me because I thought that a fight was going to break out any minute.

Let's hope that her and her "friend" aren't one of the regulars at Fat Bob's.
Everything but the brisket was average. Well, now that I think of it, the beer was really good too. lol

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