The Model Cyclone Racer

Discussion on building of a classic wooden wonder.
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Re: The Model Cyclone Racer

Postby hillflyer » Wed Oct 18, 2017 3:10 pm

The third annual Maker Faire was held here in Balboa Park, San Diego the weekend of Oct 7 – 8. I had my coasters on display and they were a smash hit. I was given a whole room to myself inside the Railroad Museum. I didn’t like it at first because the last two years I was in the lobby outside the Railroad museum but inside it’s paid admission so I thought I’d see less traffic. But that turned out to be not true as there was a constant flow of people. Much to my luck, the room came with a TV and DVD player so on Sunday I brought a coaster video.

I also received another blue ribbon. I’m not sure what that exactly means, because there is no competition at all.

So following is the latest series of photos that include making footings, catwalks, more track and the structure that leads up to the U-turn.
My blue ribbon and I at the Maker Faire
The portion of the model that was displayed at the faire.
Handmade sheets of catwalk and track base.
I was watching 2 Broke Girls the other night (guilty pleasure). One of the characters, Max, was chewing on a candy necklace and that reminded me that I once used a candy necklace for footings on a model I did in 1985 of the Belmont coaster.
So I broke a few necklaces and spray painted them brown.
I thought this was clever. While most people get the joke, very few REALLLLY get the joke.
The newest addition is the basic frame for the lead to the U-turn over the station house (r) and the beginning of the final lap (l).
The newest portion being fitted for track.
With the newest portion added
Designing the profile for the next section to be built, hill #5 that carves under and through the lift hills. This area is going to be cross-over hell madness

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Re: The Model Cyclone Racer

Postby hillflyer » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:54 pm

Hi all,

The only thing I have to report is that the new leg is tracked, and mostly cat walked. Oh I also added some handrails too. What a nice finishing touch.

Visit and like my Facebook page please: The Model Cyclone Racer
Ugh. Time to weave some coaster track.
The big hill in the middle is the new track. The adjacent run on the right is about to get some.
Subtrack on the right
A good shot of the under the track
A show and tell section of track that people can handle. I made it for the Maker Faire but lost it until recently.
Okay, here are a couple arty ones
As of Wednesday, three sections before you.
Not pictured: The station house and lift hills
Here are a few shots to fool your friends in a “guess the coaster” quiz
The hill buried way under the lift hill will be the next section to be built. It is REALLY buried inside and under the lift hill so it's hard to 'get in' there for a good view. Stay tuned for how I have figured out how to figure it out.

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Re: The Model Cyclone Racer

Postby hillflyer » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:08 pm

I’m discovering that in addition to rebuilding accurate scale replicas of coasters so I can see them in 3D, I find that taking photos is like going back in time and taking those photos that were never taken back then. So…I guess what I do is replicate something from 2D to 3D so that I can put them back on 2D and maximize their beauty.

There are a couple of nice shots on this post…I wonder if someone might buy a calendar of these and the money can go to the continuation of my Cyclone Racer?

To make the complicated cross overs in the midsection should prove to be interesting and it’s been a learning experience trying to figure it all out. Now I want to stress right off that I know all this can be figured out using some computer program but I choose not to do it that way. To me, it’s like have a computer do a crossword puzzle for you – you don’t learn anything.

It’s hard to post anything really different because it’s going to be much of the same thing until it’s done.
I hope you like these!
I simplified the plan for the midsection of the Cyclone and colored each path starting with the upper portion dominating over lower paths.
Here is the area I'm trying to reassemble. You can see two hill tops that seem to appear buried under the lift hill, but it's the one
I’m going to make a mini-test version. So I use plastic sticks to stick into where each vertical posts would touch the ground. The posts that wouldn’t touch the ground (or they would pierce the track) are colored red.
The red posts I know have to have some kind of header that will have to support it. Figuring out which posts are used to support other posts looks very challenging.
The best source for this area is a shaky, but nice, POV footage used in the 1964 Cult classic, "The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Died and Became Mixed Up Zombies."
For the supports that cannot be discovered in any clear photo of film frame, my best educated guess will have to do. And from someone familiar with Fred Church’s tricks, that will be a real bona fide educated guess.
I added the black horizontal ledgers per the ones that I can see in the photos.
When I link two sections together, splicing the track will be really easy compared to how I was doing it on the Airplane.
Adding footings. Most of my work for the next three weeks will be affixing all three sections on to the station house base. That is one of the lift hills. This section with footings will overlap the lift hill.
When I link two sections together, splicing the track will be really easy compared to how I was doing it on the Airplane.
Test fitting the opposite side. In the foreground is the hill that leads up to the turnaround.
A little cleanup is necessary but otherwise, very close with the film frame below.
CRfpovr1 (3).png
From "Strike Me Pink."
I love this one
You can expect to see this shot again once I add the handrails
A couple of Airplane photos
All the glue I’ve used thus far


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