Photo TR: aueft's periodic 2018 travels

Update: Busch Gardens Williamsburg
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Re: Photo TR: aueft's periodic 2018 travels

Postby Canobie Coaster » Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:35 am

Awesome and detailed report of Busch Gardens!

I actually did like InvadR and it seemed to be popular among younger riders. I do wish it had a slightly lower height requirement though. I'm hoping in time trees grow back around the coaster.

Since I've never made it to Colonial Williamsburg, it's nice to see what I missed. Maybe someday!
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Re: Photo TR: aueft's periodic 2018 travels

Postby TBpony414 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 12:42 pm

Hey there! First off, your writing style is informative and hilarious! I was laughing out loud for half of the California trip report and nodding in agreement with a lot of your first impressions of Williamsburg. I was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC so have been to BGW and Williamsburg many times.

Jumping back to comments on your first TR on California and then on to your next report:
Way back in the 1940's my grandparents lived in Medford, OR for a couple years when my grandfather was in the army so it was kind of cool to see you passed through there. The various mountains, trees, and waterfalls you saw all look neat and I appreciate your "ok we saw it, something about a tour guide, there is a historical sign, ok good enough" learning style when traveling to old sight-seeing places. But, I do really love your details when writing about it!

It's nice to meet another non-drinker and you did the right thing getting some grape juice for your co-workers from the (really cool looking) castle winery. Truthfully, I am not sure which is more useless to sit in the break room: saltwater taffy or fancy grape juice? It's a close call. Luckily I do most of my work remotely so I don't have to deal with bringing home crappy souvenirs for people.

The only thing I like about Colonial Williamsburg is that it's located near Sno 2 Go which is this awesome little snowcone stand that hopefully still exists on the side of the main road, and Busch Gardens is nearby. Great Wolf Lodge is nice as well. Other than that I find it all hot and boring but other people sure seem to love it there with the shopping outlets and all that history. If you had to cut out one thing from your trip I think you made the right choice to nix a full day of colonial stuff.

Finally there is someone else who agrees with me - Verbolten sucks. There, I said it! People probably want to put me in the zoo and throw rocks at me for saying it in public but I really don't care. I find the drop over the ravine to be boring AF and not exciting in the least. As of late last summer more than half the effects in the show building weren't working, although when they are all on it is impressive to see the details. The drop track does nothing for me. Anyone who has ridden Big Bad Wolf and then tries to defend Verbolten saying it is just as good or better needs their head examined. It's a downgrade for sure. I also don't care for Invadr. (God I am feeling nasty today!) Curse of DarKastle was awesome and I'm very sorry you missed it. Can you tell I'm a bit bitter about the ride changes BGW has made in the last 10 years? Not all is lost though... thankfully Apollo's Chariot still kicks tons of A$$ and Griffon is reliably fun, Le Scoot and Pompeii rock and they have a fantastic three-station skyride with beautiful views of the park. Looking forward to your next installment!


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