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  1. Wow, very cool! We had our first taste of Civil War history on our winter Florida trip, I'd never been to this area of the country and although I read a lot about history, there's something about actually being at these sites that make things feel more immediate and real. I can't imagine how terrifying it would have been to stay in that house during the battle, but I can see why people did it, if they left they would lose everything. You can resize images online here: http://resizeimage.net/ I've used it a couple of times when I'm on my tablet instead of a computer with Lightroom or Photoshop and it's simple. Or, if you are using any photo manipulation program, they all have options to save smaller versions (just don't save over the original, make a copy with a different name).
  2. I had no idea there were water snakes in Lake Erie, how cool! Looks like they're bitey but non-venomous. Definitely easier to get along with than our rattlesnake neighbors, however, it would be a little freaky to have a snake go after you while you're swimming!
  3. This picture is like "F! this janky thing, we're getting an Intamin!" while they're just unbolting and tossing parts to the ground.
  4. Another great post! Effectively dealing with rain at WDW means you can have an awesome day when everyone else seems to be melting like wicked witches. It's like winning the theme park gymkhana or something. I'm a Disney geek, why did I not hear about the super awesome Maleficent dragon float immolating? I love the dragon float! Poor dragon, I know he's evil and stuff but still, dang. Wait times are so weird at WDW, you're right about Pan, the only thing it has going for it is middle-aged idiots like me remember riding it as a kid and liking it ever so much better than the terrifying Snow White's Scary Adventures. We still ride it every time we're at DL or MK, but it's rope drop or nuthin', I'm not waiting in a 50+ minute line for a short old dark ride made with wood cutouts and a nice paint job. I've only gotten one ride on Flight of Passage and I totally agree with you. It is beyond amazing, everything about it is immersive and feels so darned real. Now THIS is a ride I'd wait 90 minutes for.
  5. I love SF, we vacation there often and we've walked the Golden Gate a couple of times, how did I miss the upskirt view? So cool!
  6. I thought I wanted to go to Japan just to experience Tokyo Disney, but I now realize I also need to experience Japanese dark rides.
  7. I love everything that is Universal Orlando, mainly because I've always had great guest service interactions there and for some reason, I feel like they're still motivated to keep me happy or something. That, and they actually do still have a slow season, unlike WDW. So the TPR experience with Universal Japan really makes me angry because I know they can and should be able to figure that crap out! I can't imagine how frustrating it was to deal with that runaround of epically stupid proportions. That said, the parade looks pretty impressive, and I'm totally jealous of their ride selection, especially the coasters. I'll admit that the metal detector procedure looks like just as much of a headache as it is in Orlando even though the storage setup appears like a much better deal.
  8. I've never bought tickets at the gate so I don't know if the price shown includes tax, I did a quick Google search and didn't find a single place on the SFMM site that gives that info either. Very frustrating! I'd call them if no one here is able to give you a solid answer. Another cost is parking, unless you're having someone drop you off it's cheaper to buy parking online.
  9. I use Uber all the time and did check but service looked spotty. Sometimes I'd look and be quoted a price and then the next time the app would say there's no service in this area.
  10. I did a little checking on this option because the car rental prices were crazy high when I started planning our trip, but all the Sandusky taxi services I could find were the "one car and the guy who owns it" kind of thing, I called one to get prices, left a message and they never called back. I ended up finding a pretty good car rental rate so I never did pursue it further.
  11. Glad to be of service! I'm glad you're enjoying the TR! I have such a hard time ranking parks and rides, but if I could only go to one park it would be BGT...or CP...or maybe Universal Orlando...uh yeah, I have a hard time choosing favorites! You are the main reason I insisted on adding Discovery Cove to our itinerary, I loved your review from maybe 6 years ago and vowed we'd do this park someday, I'm just really happy Mike loved it too, he was saying the other day that our next Florida trip had better include a DC day! That's exactly it, when you feel like lots of other parks are nickel and diming you, the inclusiveness of DC is so refreshing!
  12. Whaaa??? How is this even possible? It's such an oddly neat attraction.
  13. I've never seen that POV before, thanks so much for posting it. What an amazing ride, and I agree that Pan + IASW baby is a perfect description. I just wish Peter Pan was even half this length, I love that ride but gosh it's short.
  14. At least she got Steel Vengeance right and said it's best coasters in the country. And 10 hours at CP is like Apocalypse Now? pfffft. Whatevs. I'm old as hell and weigh twice as much as she does and we did 3 days with 10+ miles a day walking rope drop to close. That park is a cinch to walk, it's all flat!
  15. Demon Drop, Magnum 220, yeah you know all the coasters there.
  16. I've always wanted to do that train ride, and also continue on from Los Angeles to San Diego. I had no idea it was so cheap.
  17. Yes, I used my Platinum pass to buy two FL+ bands last month.
  18. We actually did the Gorilla exhibit, I just don't have any pictures of it for some reason. I'm bummed that we've never caught one of the caretaker interactions there, I've heard they are pretty neat.
  19. Excellent, my evil plan to get everyone loving Busch Gardens Tampa is working! If I can just get a few hundred thousand more people to that park I might be able to sell a revised version of my book and make enough money to travel the world riding coasters for the rest of my life!
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