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SFMM Batman Begins Stunt Show

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The Batman Begins Stunt Show at SFMM for it's second season on Sat. May 27th.


They have a new Tumbler (Batmobile).


They added a new stunt for Batman. He used to drop down upside down and pick up a bad guy, then swing around and drop into the orange sea box. Now before he does that, he travels on a zipline from behind house right, ending backstage, then doing the other two stunts like last year. It has been very well received by the audience.

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How long is the show?: Including Ducards "Preshow" it is 30 minutes in length.


Did they turn down the volume?: Were you sitting at the top of the theater? It is much louder at the top of the theater than at the bottom. But to answer the question: No, it is still the same volume for show as it was last year.


Did they fix the jump?: Half way through last season, they rebuilt the bridge so it no longer collapses.


I would not consider it a "re-hash". Yes, it does have the helicopter, and similar archetecture, but it is a completely different storyline, characters, effects. If you are in the park, you shouldn't miss it.

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Here are some pics from the show.


Merch. now has a small hut at the north gate, by Riddler's revenge. They sell spray bottles, batman dolls, capes, autograph books.


The back of the Tumbler.


The tumbler.


The center Island


The new back drop, though it is the same as last year

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I wish that they would get rid of those crappy spark effects, and have batman read his lines out.... live.... like a normal person would. Also, if they made it flow a little better and a little less crappily.


Other than that its was a good show last season. Maybe they'll fix this up for the next season and I'll actually sit through it again.

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Sorry to be an old grouch, but I haven't been to an SF stunt show anywhere that I regarded as better than dreadful. But since I'll be at SFMM later this week, maybe I'll give it a spin. At least I'll be able to sit down in the broiling sun for a while and cultivate heat stroke.

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