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Photo TR: Holiday World, PKI & Cedar Point

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Just got back from a massive road trip to the Midwest. I love Theme Parks in May!


It looks like most people beat me to posting Voyage pictures and video, but since I wasn’t special enough to get a walk-back tour of the area, my pictures will probably end up being redundant, so I’ll only post a couple.


Highlights from the trip:


Saturday, May 13: Holiday World


Voyage: A powerful, powerful ride. Not overrated in my opinion, it lives up to all the hype. The triple down was a very fun element, especially toward the back. Plus, there’s one spot of greatness right before the first over-banked turn. I know it’s been mentioned before, but it’s like a bunny hill at a 30 degree angle. Maybe not a ‘signature’ element, but it caught me off-guard in a good way.


One negative thing about Voyage… while I was on Raven’s exit ramp, a bunch of kids were getting off saying how much it sucked, and that they were going back over to the new ride. I hate stupid kids.


Sunday, May 14: PKI


Despite the crappy weather most of the day, there was a pretty decent crowd. I think PKI is a great park overall. This was my first ride on Italian Job, and I was pleasantly surprised. I love the trains, and the launch actually gives you a good kick in the ass for how short it is.


Son of Beast has a sign up that says it’s down ‘till late Spring. Funny how I never heard one complaint.

Monday, May 15 – Wednesday, May 17 – Cedar Point


Monday we got to the park around 3, and it was pouring rain until about midnight. No pictures that day.


Tuesday was cloudy with some showers in the morning, but it cleared up nicely by afternoon. This is the most perfect weather for Cedar Point during the week in May. The showers keep the crowds away, and then by afternoon you have a great day in the park with no lines whatsoever. Dragster’s line was in the station all day, and by 6PM Millennium Force had empty seats on almost every train.


I took a lot of video on this trip since I just bought a camcorder, so I don’t have a still shot of everything. Overall a great trip, hope y’all enjoy the photos.



Magnum along the beach


Other half of Castaway Bay.


I've never seen pictures of Castaway Bay, so I went over there myself and got a few pictures on the way out


Lighthouse Point... these cabins are probably my favorite addition to Cedar Point since Millennium Force.


View of the park across the bay. A little hazy, but still a cool picture.


Italian Job splashing right into the pointless brakes before the final turn


Is it just me or is that bottom sign a little redundant?


Voyage Skyline


Who doesn't like the smell of Southern Yellow Pine?


The Voyage automatically turns other coasters into crap (according to kids from Indiana)

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Awesome pics, I hope on making a trip out to CP within the next few years but it will be hard to do since I have no money and I doubt my mom will let me goto ohio for a theme park. I will eventually make it out there though.


Looked like a fun trip overall, really liked the shot of the park across the bay.

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I have never been to any of the Ohio parks and will be leaving early early Tuesday (5/30) morning to go to Holdiay World, PKI, Cedar Point, and Geauga Lake. Although I have never heard of a single person that loves Son of Beast, I really want that credit...just the whole experience of it. Do any of you know what date it is planned to reopen?

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The showers keep the crowds away, and then by afternoon you have a great day in the park with no lines whatsoever. Dragster’s line was in the station all day, and by 6PM Millennium Force had empty seats on almost every train.


yea i feel you...i was just there may 11-13. i go every year in early may and there is NO ONE there especially after 6:00 when all the buses leave. thursday (may 11) at about 7:30 me and my parents were walking past power tower heading toward magnum and, aside from 2 or 3 workers workers sweeping, we were literally the only ones walking there (im not even exzagerating), it was kinda freaky actually.

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