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I was wondering who else uses the software Keyhole? It actually quite scary, I looked at the possible Robb/Elissa houses along the Parkway, zoomed over DL/DCA etc.


The Soarin' Over California buildings obviousley gone Low-Carb, it looks quite slim


The IASW buildings huge... lay off the frozen lemonade


It seems so easy compared to painful stitching people do with web-based programs.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I thought it was a fun toy to play with to see cool 3D views of Disneyworld, and other theme parks, and big cities. But I couldn't find a reason to ever want to use it again and get a paid version of it.


Kinda cool though for a trial version, neat to see an overhead view of Disneyworld, and map out the parks, it's amazing how huge Disneyworld is!

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I am a very satisfied owner. If you start to really get into the software, you will find that it is capable of doing much more than viewing aerial photos.


I find it very helpful for scoping out sites I plan to visit (access roads, nearby attractions, hotels, and food, demographics, and more)


I love keyhole.

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