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PhotoTripReport: Elitch Gardens

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Today me and my family decided to go to Six Flags Elitch Gardens.


The crowds were huge, rides broken, horrible weather, a wonderful time!


The pictures tell the story.


This wraps up my PhotoTripReport! Thanks for reading!


Today, there were so many emo kids running around. Plus I think a queen escaped from Disneyland.


Its sad, Six Flags Elitch Gardens only has 2 vertical loops. =[


Boomerang was running on and off, but the line was way to long for me to ride today.


I did a good photo! Do I get a treat now?


The vertical loop is top. Im on bottom.


I sat in back, and it was much smoother than last year! :omg:


Ok, this is only 1/5 of what was down there.


Mind Eraser was the only ride the entire day that didn't break down while I was in line!


"Hey, why don't we ride Batwing?" CLOSED, 3rd time!


Silvester was eating little kids.


Woman in first row, "Wow! Its really smooth! I think everyone should travel to Colorado to see for themselves how smooth it is!"


The ride op on his cell phone. I feel COMPLETELY safe on this ride now.


The entire ride got re-tracked, so I was a happy lil' camper on how smooth is was! But pissed because of the new trims. >=[


Breakdown again, 2nd in a row! Im on a roll! Must remember not to throw missiles!


They have added some fun things in the queue under the station, 4 fact plaques, and 4 large posters from the old Elitch Gardens.


Never heard of this before now have we...


Its smooth in the mornings, but I feel sorry for the afternoon riders. R.I.P.


Right when I get up to load..."Lady's and Gentlemen, The Flying Torture Machine Of Shoulder Death is experiencing technical difficulties..." etc.


Day started with The Flying Torture Machine Of Shoulder Death.


One of the new things is this ripped red guy in spandex.


There were a few small things new around the park. Like a flag pole.

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How does the flashpass system work? Do you just walk up the exit ramp? Can you tell me how long the lines were for each ride?


It's on 5 rides: Twister II, Halfpipe, Boomerang, Mind Eraser and The Flying Coaster.


When you buy tickets at the booth, you pay $20, and they give you this card lookin' type dealy.


You go to the Flash Pass entrance, which is the entrance to the ride, and walk up the NEW concreate pathways, to where a op will stamp out a hole in the card. You can use the card 5 times.


The Flash Pass line joins with:

Twister-Right under the station.

Boomerang-Last queue row before station.

Halfpipe-Right before stairs.

Mind Eraser-Right at station stairs

Flying Coaster-At queue ramp.


This is the one on Twister II.

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Woman in first row, "Wow! Its really smooth! I think everyone should travel to Colorado to see for themselves how smooth it is!"


Well, that settles it, then. I'll book my trip to Colorado first thing tommorow -- just to see how smooth Twister II is.


Nice TR.

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Ok, just as a side note to ANYONE... if you plan on going to either of the parks in denver... be sure to let me know.. Ill never pass up a good excuse to go to denver... (I live on the opposite side of the state)... Sooo yeah, hit me up If ya plan on going.

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