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Six Flags Great Adventure Question

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The difference between Skull Mountain and the Hurricane at Adventureland in Long Island was that the Skull Mountain roller coaster uses a tire driven lift, while the Hurricane uses a traditional chain lift. Skull Mountain actually has two separate lifts with a view of the outside through a waterfall before the second lift.

The Hurricane has two separate stations for loading and unloading compared to Skull Mountain's one station.

Skull Mountain uses single position lap restraints while the Hurricane uses individual lap bars and have fewer cars on their trains.

Comapring to these two coasters, Skull Mountain is probably better, and a little more smoother.

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Hurricane is no Skull Mountain. Skull Mountain is a custom built Intamin, where Hurricane is a standard Windstorm built by S&MC/Premier. The two rides are nothing alike, share none of the same statistics, layout, or anything other than the fact that they are both roller coasters, have a lift, a drop, no inversions, and a station.


Coincidentally though, originally Great Adventure was supposed to have Skull Mountain be a Windstorm, but with 2 of them already so close by, the park decided to go with a different company and layout (the dissolvement of S&MC may have also been occuring at this time). Six Flags Over Texas did stay with the original Windstorm idea though, and just had Premier make their version a mirror image.

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