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  1. Anybody have a Perilous Plunge POV at Knotts. I have been searching for years to find a POV of it. Thank You SOOOO Much
  2. Just curious about how the track seperation works, could anybody post a FULL RIDE POV of this ride so I could see for myself. Thanks
  3. Thats neat! I think I have my new favorite log flume now. P.s. Thank You
  4. So you are saying that when the boat exits the lift hill, there is a track seperation that will make it that the boat only goes down one of the drops.
  5. So your saying that each time you ride it you are only going to go down the big drop once? P.s. Is there only one lift hill for both sides of the big drop?
  6. When you look at Dudley Do Right's Ripsaw Falls in Universal Studios Orlando, you see two big drops. Is it all one ride?, or are there two sides, each with their own station? If so, when you select your side, what is the names of the two seperate sides? P.S. Do they ever race each other?
  7. I know that the Worlds Of Fun Website has a POV for all of their coasters. Does anybody know when they will be putting up a non animated POV of Patriot on their website? Thank You
  8. Do not talk fresh to me! Do you know any little thing about coasters? Skull Mountain is at Six Flags Great Adventure! I was comparing the Hurricane to Runawy Mountain at Six Flags Over Texas. If you are not going to read my topics close enough, don't bother posting anything in them! Now for people who can read, can you try and answer my question? P.s. I am not talking about you HCOsurfer90, I am talking about Homer.
  9. I know that Runaway Mountain is indoors but is it's design the same as Adventurlands Hurricane but in the oppisite direction?
  10. I have been trying to get Roller Coaster Factory 2 and 3 for ages. I looked in every store and it was not there, so it must be online. How do you get it?
  11. Some people say that when they feel proud that they have accomplished a big coaster that they feel that they are king of the world. What coaster did you go on that made you proud that you accomplished it? For example, you were scared of this ride for 5 years and then rode it and felt good about it.
  12. What do you think of the Adventure Falls Log Flume at Adventureland?
  13. Is Skull Mountain basically just an indoor version of the Hurricane at Adventureland?
  14. Is Kumba a good ride, because I am thinking of doing it.
  15. Anybody got some onride footage of their log flume creations in RCT3?
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