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"The OC" on FOX


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I think/hope he did. I mean the reaction Ryan had on his face, the hand going limp. It just points to yes. then again people tend to have nine lives on that show. Well except for the old guy who died. Also I like Summer's character more with ever episode.

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I think its extremely funny how "all" of the so called "high school" students are over 20. I usually don't watch the show (a little too much drama for me) but I did catch last Thursday's episode, and yes; its does appear that "Surfer Dude # 10823" does die at the end.


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I think perhaps the actor playing Johnny has that most deadly of diseases "contract renegotianitis". The symptoms usually are:

1 The actor's agent asks for a raise.

2 The show's producers do something to the character that could go either way.

3 If they come to some sort of agreement, the character miracously (sp) recovers.

4 If the show's producers think it's too much money, the character "dies"

5 If there is an extreme reaction from fans and/or the ratings tank, see 3


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