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Photo:TR AstroWorld 10/23/05

Bubba Z

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After hearing about AstroWorld closing, I finally got to go last Sunday.

I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to, but I’m glad I did. The park is old and lacking some new rides but you could tell the park did have some charm when it first opened. I made it to the park a little before 12, crossed the bridge and waited for the park to open. I did like how the security gate was first and then they had the separate main gate to get to in. At the main gate they did the whole count down thing and the gates were opened.


We walked down a very short main street and made a right heading towards Ultra Twister. We were on the move until it looked like the path was a dead end .So we turned around and followed the rest of the guests. Well it ended up taking us over to the Texas Cyclone.


The façade entrance on this is very cool. The paint in the queue looked weathered and untouched since the parked opened but gave it that uniqueness that was cool. Once inside the station we headed for the back row, one train wait. It was a fun and enjoyable ride unlike the original. Once that was over we pretty much did the park in a loop.


Next up was Ultra twister. I was nervous on the walk over, because I thought being low capacity that the queue would be super long. It was about a 4 train wait. The new paint job on the ride looked great from the pure white at SFGadv. I had never ridden this while at gadv so I was excited. We were second in line. Lucky for us the people in front choose the second row, so sweet we hopped over the conveyer belt and into the first car. The restraints came down like a ton of bricks and crushed my shoulders. Then it was up the loud and slow lift hill. Click, click, click, each one getting louder until we dropped straight down and back up thru the first set of rolls. As we teetered to go backwards the views of the astrodome were very cool. Backwards was definitely more fun and I should have rode it when the lift was 90 degrees. Oh well, I still got the credit after hearing it’s been down a lot, so I was happy.


Next up, another SFMM, Gadv ride now called Batman the Escape. The queue was great, but I had only wished I could have walked thru the bat cave. After the long walk we took the last row of the train and headed out. This would be my third stand up and would beat out Shockwave for second place over at PKD. The restraints are more comfortable and easier to get in. The ride itself wasn’t too bad with only one head bang. While leaving this area we strolled thru the kid’s area and a western themed area. The park was so empty, that I didn’t see anyone in the station house of Greezed lightnin’ making me believe it was down for the day. Just as we turned to leave over the train tracks I could hear the flywheel start up and a train flew down the track. We then turned around and headed straight for the front row, and walked right on. I didn’t know what to expect, but the return trip thru the loop felt as though I was either going to fall out or the train wasn’t going to make it around. It was a very odd and scary feeling. But at the same time it was so much fun, we left and planned to ride it again if we had time later. It never happened, bummer.


So, it was now time for my third suspended coaster XLR-8. This would be the longest queue of the day at about 15 minutes long. We rode the second car facing forward. We would have been in the second row of the second car but a girl got scared and jumped in our seats so we ended up taking the first row. Nothing too exciting, but we did see they are tearing up the water park already. I would put this coaster in last place behind Iron Dragon.


We stopped for a drink and got a souvenir bottle with a batman topper for 5 bucks. I wanted to buy something with AstroWorld on it so this would be it for the trip.

The drink stand was right across a closed S.W.A.T, I’m not big on spinning flats but I really wanted to ride before it comes or doesn’t come to SFgadv. This put us near Viper so that was next.


The lines were now getting longer as we waited nearly half an hour for first available. The tunnel at the top was a good visual but did nothing for the ride really. The drop followed by the loop was great, but the rest just fizzled out. On the way out the Serpent is right across the way. I had no idea what was behind the bamboo, but it was a great little surprise. We loaded the train and headed around the corner to the small lift hill. Down we went around a bend, back under the lift hill, over a little canyon and thru the station for a second lap. For such a little ride, I had a fun time on it. The whole Oriental village was also themed very well, especially the log flume area which we didn’t get to ride either because of time.


After this, we crossed the train tracks again and found Mayan Mindbender. The queue for this was really well done. I thought they did a great job with the landscaping and music. Once inside the building the themeing was just as good. It reminded me of Skull Mountain but this ride is way darker, colder and has better trains. What it doesn’t have is a great first drop like Skull Mountain but it was still a fun ride.


The crowds where getting heavier as we found out when we made are way over to Serial Thriller. This would be the last coaster of the day with the longest line. I wanted to skip but since I was here for the last time, I might as well get the credit. All I have to say is I should have skipped it. This would be the first time getting off a SLC feeling that dizzy. I’m not sure if it was a lack of eating, drinking water or the head banging or all three. The nightmare ride was over and we decide what to do next. We looked in the sky and said Demon Drop. Walked over to it and it was down after seeing it drop all day .Just our luck. It had been stuck with people at the top for about 15 minutes.


We gave up on that idea as we didn’t want to get stuck next and miss our flight back home. This gave us about an hour left before we needed to leave so we decided to take another lap on Cyclone. At this point the line was too long. I figured every other line would be just as bad with one train operations so we walked around, shopped, took some pictures and left.


Even though, it’s considered a coaster junkyard, I had a really good time. I should have planned two days so I didn’t have to credit whore in 4 hours, miss fright fest and any other ride in the park. Oh well there’s always next year, than again I guess not.


on to some pictures......



Welcome to AstroWorld!



First up the Cyclone





No time to wait for the train, only 4 hours and 29 minutes left.





Ultra twister the credit I've been missing from SFgadv





You spin me round, round, like a record baby





view from the top





Fountains on the way over to B:TE








The closed Batcave





The one millionth and 89th rider ?





Super long wait today





Going backwards was so much better !





one train operations thru out the day.




Viper was fun





Inside the temple if you dare.





worst ride of the day





Go Texans 0-6





Going Home bye SFAW








And for a pocket of fluff for me, I wore My TPR shirt to the park.





more crappy photos over here.


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I really hope Batman The Escape is not gonna be scrapped! That's one of my favorite standups.


As for the rumor about Ultra Twister coming to SFA: my friend confessed to me that he fed this bogus rumor to Lance at Screamscape


In my perfect world, SFA would be getting any of the following: Ultra Twister, Batman The Escape, Greezed Lightnin, and/or Texas Cyclone! SFA takes such impeccable care of Wild One, I think the Texas Cyclone would shine at that park.

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