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Journey 11: Six Flags Over Texas AKA Giants, Ice Puns, and Baseball


So this trip was almost a perfect storm for me.

1. I wanted to go to a Six Flags park for no reason other than to go to a Six Flags park after working for Cedar Fair for four years.

2. By the time of the trip, I had just accrued enough PTO for the trip.

3. As a baseball fan, I was excited that my team, the Minnesota Twins, were going to be in town playing the Rangers that weekend. #Bombasquad


My flight landed mid-afternoon--which was enough time for me to drop my bags off at the hotel and grab a quick ride each on New Texas Giant and Titan (once I could find them in that back corner) before the park closed for the evening at 6pm all weekend I was there.


View from the room.

But in the mornings, I had to have breakfast at the hotel in the form of:


Evil beware, we have Texas-shaped waffles.

Before heading off into the park.


In case you forgot where you were...



NTAG is easily the best ride in the park. It's just so much fun. I'm glad Six Flags took a chance on RMC.


From the top of the Oil Derrick, neither ride looks Gigantic or Titanic.


Wait, let's discuss this!


Too late!




It was both my first and last rides of the trip. And as it turns out, my last coaster pre-Covid.


Meep, meep!


Titan. What happened here? The forces here just kill the pacing. Especially since you slam to a near stop on the mid-course. There's good reason for that, but why was it designed that way? I did enjoy the hangtime in the front car coming off the MCBR though.




Sunset Titan.


Mr. Freeze was a ride I was well aware of for having long wait times and general unreliabilty. I experienced both on my visit. Sometimes at the same time. I also had walk-ons. I love the launch on this thing and staring at the ground in the quote-unquote front car on the spike. But why TF does the seatbelt connect to the lapbar?


The Mr. Freeze entrance is cool.


Whenever a train launched, it gave me the chills.


I know I should cool it with the ice puns, but there's snow way I can let it go.


The Mr. Freeze animatronic is so tired of my ice puns, he gave me the cold shoulder.


La Vibora was an interesting experience. I don't know what to make of the ride, but I love the single-rider line as it allowed me to bypass queues up to an hour in under 5 minutes. Now don't tell anyone about it.


La Vibrator


Much like the purple, cyclopian Decepticon, Shockwave is more than meets the eye. It's a fun Schwarzkopf double-loop coaster. And since I'm a lonely nerd (as evidenced by the facts that I have a TPR account and an obsession for ice puns), I keep enough of a count to realize that Shockwave was the 100th steel coaster I rode. Cool, I guess.


Unfortunately, this was the only good picture I got of the double loops.




Oh look, a Gerstlauer spinner. The 3rd of this cloned model I've ridden. Single-rider saves the day again here.




As for Joker, it seems like I enjoy these things more than most. I don't mind just rocking instead of flipping as that can be just as wild, if not more so than flipping. Or maybe I just get the joke that many have missed.


Why so Serious?


Let's put a smile on that face!


One by one, they'll hear my call...


Then this wicked town will follow my fall.


And Batman. We all know what those are like. This is how a ride is supposed to do intensity. Looking at you, Titan. And it's also ridiculously photogenic. Which is the opposite of what Batman is as one who's received ninja training.


Roll over the entrance.



I don't know if it says more about Six Flags or the world of Batman where this could be considered theming.


I thought Batman was more of a night guy. Who put on the sun?








As for coasters I didn't really post pictures of:

-Judge Roy Scream: an unoffensive wooden coaster who's biggest plus is how awkward it is to get to since the ride is outside the rest of the park and you enter the queue underneath the park's entry road. Weird.

-Mini mine train was better than the full-sized one. Though, while waiting for Runaway Mine Train, the Main Dispatch op was telling jokes where the punchline was always "Mine Train" according to the teen boys in line.

-Runaway Mountain: apparently not as awesome as Skull Mountain. Still a fun ride with an air conditioned queue. Though loose article storage and retrieval was interesting.



As one who operated a Funtime Starflyer for Cedar Fair, it was interesting to see just how differently Texas Skyscreamer operated. Though what surprised me most was the reduced capacity on this model compared to the one I operated about half as tall.


Skyscreamer, Texas sized.



I love frisbees. So imagine my disappointment where Riddler was seldom operating (at least while I was in the area). A byproduct of it being late in the summer season, I guess. Mostly I just wanted another lap in the queue to get pictures of all the Riddles they had posted. What's Six Ounces, sits in a tree, and is very dangerous? A sparrow with a machine gun


Riddle me this: why was this rarely open?



I took this shot while just randomly walking around the top of the Oil Derrick, constantly taking pictures of nothing in particular, hoping something would turn out.


Log flume, because log flume.


I was excited to try the park's Zamperla Endeavor. I love the old Enterprise style attractions and was intrigued how this would be. Immediately I ran into a problem: I stapled myself to the point where I couldn't get a full breath in and was contemplating asking off the ride because of it. And after I got over that feeling, once the ride started, it just was not a comfortable riding experience. So I feel sorry for those who got stuck on the ride when it broke down (pictured).


A disappointment on par with the Halle Berry movie.


Justice League was another reprieve from the heat which was nice. As were the physical sets. I couldn't tell what I was looking at as I was shooting at the screens. It was chaotic and nonsensical to the point where I was just shooting blindly hoping I hit a target. By the way, how is Batman not dead from how many times riders have shot him? Sorry, Bats.



Harley Quinn was fun enough for not being able to get an edge seat. It does make for a good ride to just go limp on and let the ride flail you around, though. No surprise it was down for mechanical a lot though.



Of course I had to get a picture with some Looney Tunes characters. I only saw Sylvester and Daffy, though.


I tawt I taw a puddy tat!


And the other part of my trip was a baseball game. I love how ridiculously close Six Flags is to Globe Life Field/Park whichever one was open at the time. That's gotta suck for Arlington taxpayers, them building a new stadium across the street and no world series to show for it. Though this Twins/Vikings fan can't talk that much.


Dem Boyz suck.


I got a seat upper deck on the 3rd base side looking down the 1st base line. Great view of the plate. The game I went to was the one where the Rangers inducted Josh Hamilton into the team hall of fame. And as a Twins fan, as excited as I was for Justin Morneau to win the 2008 Home Run Derby, Hamilton deserved it.




There was a benches clearing incident after the top of the 8th that got the crowd riled up. No punches thrown.


Twins won 12-7.


There was a bobblehead giveaway that night commemorating Kenny Rogers' perfect game.



And of course, the hats I purchased. I was unimpressed with Six Flags' merch game. I couldn't even get a good (not-Dallas) cowboy hat. I like the Rangers hat, though.


Piss-poor hat selection, Six Flags.

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Great report! I've always been amazed by the lower capacity on the taller sky screamers. That's why I don't ride the one at SFNE as much as I'd like.

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^It makes sense why. The larger structure to accommodate the increased height, and the higher you go, the more likely the chairs are going to swing a little bit. I definitely noticed more swinging on my couple rides on the Texas Skyscreamer vs Valleryfair's.

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