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Rogue Recon: A Star Wars Coaster

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I move around a lot (and I get other ideas I want to build). However, I have put more time into this than any other model. So I'll guess that this one will be up for about 6 months once completed before I tear it down.

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I’m going to agree with what others are saying and tell you that this thing looks awesome! I can’t wait to see more progress! At this point, what would you say is your best guess for completion (give or take a few months)?

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Just recently discovered this thread. This looks amazing. Most of us just use a computer game to simulate what we want to create, but I applaud you for the working on a physical roller coaster. I am enjoying watching you build this ride, and I am very excited to see the finished project.


Can you tell us more about your vision at far as the ride/show elements or are you planning those as you go along?

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^^ Optimistically, I hope to have the track portion completed by November. The automation, theming, and other effects will take at least another two months.


^Thanks! I have a general outline for what needs to happen at each ride section, but the details happen as I build.


In order the show scenes will be:

1) Right out of the station - Boba Fett will give you directions.

2) Ferris Wheel lift - you will encounter one of two characters on your way up, depending on whether you're in an Empire train or a Rebel train.

3) Switch track - you will have an encounter with some sort of creature as you switch from moving backwards to moving forwards.

4) Throne room (pre-launch area)- you will see what happened after the Throne Room scene in the Last Jedi

5) Just before launch - Darth Vader encounter


The final scene will take place in the slow turnaround section I just built in this video, before the track drops and twists back to the station.





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