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Rogue Recon: A Star Wars Coaster

Coaster is complete!

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Steelworks is gone now, and I'm building my most daunting project yet. It will be heavily themed (even for my standards) and highly technical.


The plan is to have a story line, multiple trains, and a fully functioning block brake system, as well as scenes where the train stops and the story develops in a more visual manner. I have begun work on the launch, which is the first of many different methods of propulsion.





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Special Update this time . . . I got the little brother I'm mentoring to help me out with one of the main support towers. He was really good for never having played with K'nex before!





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Looking good!!! I really enjoy the update videos. It's cool to see how it's progressing along. Keep up the good work!!


- On a side note... I hate how k'Nex stopped making the "good" sets, and went to the "nano" pieces/sets.

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The upside down lift proved to be just as difficult as I guessed it would be. Good news is, it is currently working pretty well (better than the end of the video).




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No construction update this week . . . but a lot of progress was made on the story/theming side of things. I'm not revealing all the fun surprises, but here's a video that breaks down how I've approached the story, and showcases my Uncle Scott who's been helping me out.


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^LOL, I'll try to get him in the videos more often (after all, he did promise!)


Spent this week shaping some twists and turns up above the station area. I'm pretty happy with how its turning out, but I still need to strengthen the supports before adding the theming to cover them.




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