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MackManiac - Worlds first loop for karts

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After poking around the website a bit, I think I've also found the weirdest ride backing music ever in their roller coasters with your own car concept:




Am I the only one that watched this and thought about all the loose change and crap in my car flying around while going through the loop?

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It's owned by Michael Mack, just not THE Michael Mack. It's very confusing.


Thx for pointing this out. The name simillarity totally got me. I did some digging and for the sake of completeness and to get some source in here, i found this official document from Europa Park about the rollercoaster restaurant.




Rollercoasters and Mack seem to be the perfect match. In 2009, Michael

Mack (Strategic Business Management & Park Operation) worked

together with the manufacturing company Mack Rides in

Waldkirch/Germany to conceive the first rollercoaster with loop at

Europa-Park, the “blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM”. Now,

two years later, two more loops are constructed in Germany’s biggest

theme park. And the initiator of this project is also called Michael Mack.

However, this Michael Mack is the manager of HeineMack GmbH from

Nürnberg/Germany and wants to transport food and drinks through his

loops instead of persons, as it is usually the case at Mack Rides.

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