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I'm guessing not for a while. The trains just got there a few days ago and the station really isn't built. (Although a lot of progress has been made throughout the last few weeks) Not to mention they're at the mercy of what the weather feels like doing.

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The pull through was supposed to have either just happened or is just about to happen (who knows how all the snow and wind we've been having has effected that schedule).


As for launch testing, I think that may be temperature dependent. We've had below average temps (are normal high this time of year is 45 degrees, and it's only been about 35). I know most parks won't run a coaster unless it's over 40, and I'd think that really cold temps would effect the hydraulics.


As soon as it starts testing, we'll all know it. There are hundreds of people keeping an eye on KK for signs of life. And with all the employees starting over the next week or two with processing and training, there are plenty of insiders who will report what's going on. Every time a shovel full of dirt gets moved, someone lets me know at this point! How they could figure out I'd be interested is beyond me...

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