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Musik Express New Model Project

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As my Roller coaster model is coming to an end I wanted to have something to go onto, I decided I didn't want to do another coaster, so instead i'v opted to go back to where my interests in modelling started with making a small funfair, I'm going to start with making a Musik Express, inspired by designs of real ones and models that i'v come across on the internet. So far i'v draw out the ride to scale in Google sketch up so it can tell me what the measurements are for every single section I need to cut.


The back side


Birds eye view


view from above


Front view

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  • 2 weeks later...

I do plan on this model working, I'm currently waiting still for model supplies to come, so while i'v been waiting for that I started making the art decals for the model using the measurements on sketch up and then using images of google etc i'v made some pieces on sketch book pro. I will eventually print these and mount them to plastic. If any modellers want to use my 'art' please ask me first




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I don't know how many are interested in this kind of modelling but I hope you like what I post. So far I have cut the plastic strips to size to make the base. I added all the 'supports' around the edge of the base. I added side panels and the flooring and made the pay box 'Kasse". This all took quite some time. Today I coated it all with a prime and I will then spray it all purple before adding any decals. So far this has taken maybe 2/3 weeks. I have a few more bits coming in the post and then I crack on with making the moving part in the middle which I think will be a challenge.


The main frame for the middle.


I cut 1x2mm long strips to make the base.




these bits hold the floor and the rail which the cars roll along


the front will have metal looking ramps and steps



I tried painting it purple. it didn't go so well so I stopped.


I started to make the side panels.






I started to add the floor panels.



This was really hard. Reminder not to build things in circle shapes, because as one slight wrong cut put things out and then bits don't start to line up correct.


The front parts weren't lining up so well.


After I got them to fit I started the pay booth



Prime time.



next I will spary it all purple before moving on to build the centre.


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Nothing major to post about but I'v sprayed it purple which came out pink. But it looks good, I need to paint the floor on it with dark purple stripes. Once the middle is made with the motor etc I will print my decals out which I remade on the computer as they were all 1mm off and wonky. I will then stick them on around the sides.




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Wow, look at you!


Haha. This is the kind of thing I used to do when I was younger and this is how I got into modelling.


Unfortunately the 3 weeks of work I have done so far and showed on here, has to be taken apart as I made a wrong measurement. Oh well back to square one.

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Wow, look at you!


Haha. This is the kind of thing I used to do when I was younger and this is how I got into modelling.


Unfortunately the 3 weeks of work I have done so far and showed on here, has to be taken apart as I made a wrong measurement. Oh well back to square one.



I feel your pain!

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So this is what i'v learnt about the musik express the last few days, Its a round ride meaning its a perfect circle, but the actually base of the ride is a slight oval. Because one side is elevated and one side is lower (the up and down motion of the cars) means the base has to be an oval to make the the arms of the spinning part fit as a perfect circle on the rail which the wheels run along. Confusing i know.


Because of this I had to take apart what I had already made, move the supports from the back and the front in 2mm. which then meant the floors bit no longer fitted. I trimmed the floor bits to make them fit. I then painted them with purple stripes.....then the pink paint chipped and bits started falling part, nightmare. so I remade some of the floor panels which are now being re-primed so that I can spray them pink to start again.


Gone back a few steps but heres a couple pictures. At least night I can fit a perfect circle (the rail for the wheels) in the inside of the base. So theres definitely hope of this being a working model as planned.


I took the floor panels of so that i could move the supports in 2mm.


a few of the floor panels broke. and some of the base arms snapped so I had to recut new ones.


I love the stripes, the colour came out perfect.


and here the ring, this is just a tester, for which the wheels will run along.

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Wish I had built it correct the first time, now I have bits of glue in places I don't want it, the pink paint got spoiled in places. Oh well. Then the pink paint had cracks in it and so yet again it peeled off. So to solve this problem I covered the pink on the floor boards with turquoise, but then I ended up pulling the purple stripes off with the tape I used to protect it from the turquoise. But then I touched up the purple by hand. I think it looks good but I learnt never to spray paint my models ever again.


This is the pink paint cracking. Nightmare.


And then this is some other bits that have peeled off.


So I'm covering it with turquoise. And I think it looks awesome.

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I finnished painting the floor boards. And I started making some hand rails out of 1x1mm plastic strips and slices of 3x3mm tube. Not sure what colour these will be but they won't be put on until the end. But I also added the 'metal' floor panels to lead up to the the attraction, these were made out of plastic tread plate by Plastruct.






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I started with making the centre wheel with 20 pins through which each arm with the cars will attach to. I made two mock up arms to see how I would actually build them. I'm Still waiting for the motor and gears to arrive.


As there isn't really much else to can do until the supplies come I started with the roof which will I will be able to take on and off Incase I ever need to make a repair to something in the inside, I then lined up the deco for the front to see how it will look. The red poles won't be red it's just all I had left as I ran out of white ones.


Then the glossy sticky paper arrived so I printed the deco for the side panels. I can't figure out if I could of applied them better or not. I think it's okay, there are slight mistakes and a couple bits didn't line up as perfect as I would of liked but then it was my first time and making my own deco on a computer and printing the stickers. And then just for a visual I placed the roof on which I will take off again to work on the middle.












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  • 2 weeks later...

Nothing crazy to report but I made some of the deco boards that with go around the roof. I made the art on my computer and printed them out on sticker paper and then stuck them to plastic boards that I cut to size. Things didn't quite line up as perfect as I would of liked, iv been saying this a lot recently, Starting to feel like my skills aren't as good as I thought haha. But I made the stickers and the boards work, and I also made the Musik Express Sign which was a challenge to cut out to say the least.








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  • 2 weeks later...

Heres an update of my model. I have done more work on the roof with adding deco stickers and painting etc. Theres still more yet to add. I also started with the spinning section. I made all the arms and attached them to the centre wheel which is currently held down with modelling clay, which is only temporary as I'm still waiting for bits to arrive in the post.


I also made all 20 cars which was a challenge as I'm not great with making repetitive things. But they look great I just need to add a safety bar on each one. I can't attach the cars yet as I'm also waiting for the wheels to arrive. But everything is coming together nicely I think.


So heres the roof section.


And glimpse of what it will kind of look like when all together







Making the spinning hub


Im still waiting for the wheels to come in the post.


And then i started to make the cars



I had to make 20.



They fit the circle perfectly.


And i also added the little jukebox in the centre


Now to decorate the cars more. I added a small design i did on the computer to the back of each car.


I added black tape for the seats.




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  • 2 weeks later...

I had a go at adding lights to the model. I still have some more to add. But I'm a complete novice at this and this was my first go ever. I spoke to a few modellers via email about wiring etc and watched many a video online looking for tips etc. I think so far the lights look great and don't look to shabby. The White lights on the kasse 'pay booth' were crazy difficult but I got there in the end, only took me 4 hours






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