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Photo TR: Wuquanshan Park

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It's been three years since my last PTR (school took over my life there for a bit) but I found something that I really felt the need to share, so here I am.


To give you some of a background as to why I was in Lanzhou: I was doing a cultural exchange at the university there for a month through my university back home. It was an awesome experience. I loved China and I even grew to love Lanzhou. It may be one of the most polluted cities in China, but we must have been there for a good season because I would say it was sunny about half the time. Obviously, it wasn't one of their good days when I went and explored this park.


I've never lived in a town larger than 50,000 people, much less a city of 2 million. So one Sunday, I had to get out and go for a hike. I decided to climb to the top of Lanshan Forest Park, to get a good overlook of the city. I don't use the term "climb" loosely. You know how in Kungfu Panda, Po climbs those thousands of steps to get to that temple, and literally is crawling to the top at the end? I think there is no better depiction throughout the entire movie of every single temple in China. After climbing thousands of steps, thousands of feet up, I got what I was promised: an amazing view of a sprawling cityscape.


I also happened to see a theme park along the way. Originally, I didn't think I'd have time to check it out before it got dark. But I hauled butt up the mountain just so I would be able to go back and check it out. I also took the gondola down... If only Po knew there were gondolas at every major mountain in China now.


I admit that I actually didn't end up riding anything here. Some of the contraptions scared the crap out of me and the others had ride cycles that were so long they were guaranteed to make me puke everywhere. I did go around the whole park to watch and get pictures of everything. I apologize before hand as the camera I brought with doesn't handle the smog background of every picture very well. But I hope you enjoy the pictures of this pretty unheard-of park with all its unique creations.


Also, there is a zoo here that I returned to later in the week. However, it was so sad and such a terrible place that I completely regret going and supporting that. So I won't be posting pictures and I really recommend never going there unless it is to burn it down and set the animals free. When people say SeaWorld is bad... they don't even know.


The start of the hike, overlooking the park



This was most of what the hike was like, before the stairs even started.




The view from the top! Fantastic. I can only imagine it at night.



Taking the gondola back into the park. The wind was blowing pretty hard, making even this ride a terrifying experience.



The park was extremely scenic!



This was one of the coolest parts of the park. The stairs were blocked off for some reason while I was there though.


The reason this park, in Chinese, is called the "Five Springs Mountain".


I have no idea what happened inside the cat.



This ride looked pretty new compared to the others.



I'm guessing this is a knock-off Top Scan?



Would have loved to see this running.


I counted how many times this thing went around... 20+ times each way. No joke.




Rule number 2 is my favorite.


This was some kind of haunted house, I think.


My favorite ride of the park. Things started out ok...


Then the cars flipped upside down and went into "spin cycle" mode.


And when "spin cycle" mode stopped, it held them upside down for over a minute... (I actually counted because I was concerned)


After the minute upside down, they returned to "spin cycle" mode. Thankfully, the ride stopped after that.


This Top Spin was so fast.


They operated it only in a "free swing" mode and they still made it flip so many times.



Scenic trails throughout the park.


A pretty cool classic carousel.





A TPR Favorite.




The entrance of the park... sorry this PTR is somewhat backwards.



Cheap knock-off stuff. I picked up a 10,000 mAh power bank (that still works!) for the equivalent of $5.00 US.


I call this: curly fries in brick form + seasoning


And what park would be complete without GUNS???


If I remember right, those were either cans of Red Bull or cans of beer.

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I wish, I wish one coaster company or another, would take this little coaster idea

and build a new version of it. I'd ridden a few um, questionable, versions of this

coaster, but at times, it was a fun ride!


Thanks for sharing your visit!


A newer version built, maybe? I would love this in my home park!

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