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Crap, this sucks! I didn't lose the whole park, thank god :o ! But I lost everything since Twister II, so I lost Grizzly and Twist. I'm not that upset about it, I personally didn't really love Grizzly's turnout as much as I really liked Twister II's turnout! I shoud update today, if not early tomorrow!!!


*EDIT: This is the new Twist, you should be able to see it in the trees*


Twist!!!!! YAY!!!!!

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No replies on Twist, so sorry for the triple-post! I wanted to bump the thread up so that y'all knew there was something new in it! Here's the new (and so much better) Grizzly!!! This time it's actually themed :shock: ! Enjoy, and let me know whatcha think!!!


An overview of the AWESOME PARK!!!!!


The home strentch also has a double hop, providing some intense airtime!!!


The far turnaround. (WOW! No exclamation point in that sentence!)


After the turn thingie, you hit a double hop. You can see the double-down from the far turnaround in this pic too!


The 1st drop takes you into a 5 foot ditch and sends you up into this unique turny thingie!


Wheee! Fun at the beginning and forces up till the brakes!

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I'm sure everyone missed me a lot ! Well, at my dad's house we were moving in to a new house, and the computer just got hooked up. FINALLY ! So, expect an update on Wednesday or Thursday. But to keep you satisfied:


--Carrie Pine has been keeping an eye out for Screamscape. She reported seeing water - A LOT of water! What could this be for???

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