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[RCT3] Wonder Mountain

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Stardate: 3:27 PM-ish.

Name: Steven Wardley

System: Solar System

Outside Temperature: 81 degrees of warmth.

Job: Pilot

Last Night: Heard that my childhood was being remade into an amusement park. That childhood being Wonder Mountain.


If you don't know, Back when I was probably a young kid me and my dad climbed a mountain named aptly; Wonder Mountain. And when we reached the top, I saw a hella lot of wonders. Trees, clouds, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, You name it. So when I heard about this, I went to my airplane and went to take a look at the new park....and guess what I saw?


....I'd tell you, but I think i'd have better leave the pictures say it. Besides, pictures are like poets. They tell you in equivalent detail.



Here it is, The entrance to the park I was telling you about! Not very exciting is it?


And here is their Carousel; I've never liked carousels, they go around and around in circles.


And here is the Carousel's brother, The Ferris Wheel! Or as they call it, Ezekiel's Wheel....Did they buy it from a guy named Ezekiel?


In this photo, we see the aptly named Purple Monster. Finally, a Tilt-A-Whirl that is not named "Tilt-A-Whirl"!


What do we have here? A Fire Breather? Well it had better not commit arson while i'm around.


This is their only roller coaster. The Log Creak Mine Ride! Sorry, Johnny Thrillseeker; There's nothing big or over the top about this ride!


This friends, is the sky ride!.....Yaaaay.....But where are the chairs going to?


The crown jewel of course! The main attraction of Wonder Mountain....Wonder Mountain! Look at it, So majestic, So brilliant, So....perfect....


I took my plane to the top of Wonder Mountain, And the dang chair almost decked me! Does that chair not know a thing about manners?

Now here's something that happened on that day, Remember the Log Creek Mine Ride?


It crapped out on the first two tries, so I jumped in to give a helping hand; first we tried a faster chain lift and a bigger first drop.


It started off pretty well....


And we all thought that it would make all the way....




But even so....


.....It crapped out.....again.


Then I saw the problem, there was no chance that it would make it without a little help....so I decided to use another lift hill.


So we tried it AGAIN!





And this time......


It made it through!



That was so exhilarating that I decided to get a drink of water, unfortunately; the scrubs didn't put up the drink stores yet. So I had to use a water shooter thingy, Akward yet refreshing.


Eventually, they put them up.


And there you have it! Wonder Mountain, and it's wonderfully small skyline. Trust me, things will get better with time.

This is Steven Wardley, Signing off from the planet Earth.

Edited by A.J.
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Yeah.. RCT3 is not your game kid. Just like your previous park, this park is not good. At all.


You have no scenery and your rides are awkwardly spread apart again. 3 drink stands next to each other wtf? That's a very unrealistic idea. And why is there palm trees two feet away from bushes? It's ridiculous.


I'm sorry, but you should definitely ditch RCT3.

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I'd recommend actually putting in a little bit of effort before posting an RCT3 park to the public. Making parks is no easy job, and you'll find out that it's too time consuming. That's why Topaz Park is now on a hiatus that will probably never end.


The "mountain" really sticks out like a sore thumb. It's just way too distracting compared to the mostly level terrain. Scenery is lacking, there's barely any plants, and the only plants that are here are close to your pathways. The three of the same food stall makes less sense than one of those wacky food stalls, there's too many trashcans and benches in your central area, and holy crap, that chairlift.


Unless you really want to dedicate your time to developing an entire park in RCT3, I'd suggest trying something else. There's plenty of other parks on the forum, and maybe you can take inspiration from those. Right now, Wonder Mountain isn't a really great park.

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Okay, my points from last thread still apply. You REALLY need to work out your park if you're going to go anywhere in RCT3.


-Park is still ugly. REALLY ugly. Terraforming one small area and leaving 300 foot tall paths is just not going to work in any scenario.

-Plan out your park better. You've got huge gaps with absolutely nothing in them, and you're packing all your concessions together. Make the most of your space. If you're going to use a lot of land, actually use the land!

-Coaster was really sprawling and bland. Look at some real coasters to get an idea of how to order various elements and pace your rides. Alternatively, you can use coasters from the Game Exchange if you're not wanting to develop your own coasters.

-Scenery...USE IT! You've got an entry plaza going, but you really need to give your park more substance. Making a detailed NCSO park can be tricky with the limited sets, but it's far from impossible. Add some more buildings and rides to fill in those giant voids and give your park some color and realism. Don't just go straight vanilla on everything, because it looks tacky.

-A decent park (or even a detailed single ride) is REALLY time consuming, but the effort shows in the final product. Anyone can slap down some tracks and a few flats, and it only takes a few minutes. I could probably build what you've showed us in less than 15 minutes; that's a bad sign for the effort you're putting in. However, realize the major work on RCT3 isn't the rides: it's developing the surrounding area into an immersive environment that actually feels like a park. Again bringing up this image, and I'll give some explanation behind why I'm sharing it again:

For just one coaster with scenery, this took about three weeks to finish. One ride. That should give you a perspective of the effort a full park would require. It's a massive undertaking.


I'm trying to be as constructive as possible, but you're cementing yourself as a pretty shoddy player that's not doing anything really noteworthy. You need to completely change your approach if you want to change that image. As suggested, looking at other parks will help you see what good work looks like, and can help you better design a good park. You could also try looking at YouTube or other RCT forums. Additionally, as I mentioned in my bullet points, TPR has an awesome Game Exchange you can use to get some really good coasters as uploaded by other users (including some of my work; the coaster from that screenshot I posted is on the Exchange). It's a great resource you should definitely take advantage of.

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