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[RCT2] Mount Pilchuck - first scenario

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Greetings, after seeing that there is a section here for games, and seeing some of the custom scenarios that you all have created, I decided to give it a try. I have made a landscape I am happy with, and have everything set up ride-wise... I just had to figure out how to take screen shots. This is definitely a work in progress, so don't judge me too harshly.


Anyway, my scenario is going to be what I would want in a dream park in my area. I am setting it at an old defunct ski area near where I live, called Mount Pilchuck. It is a popular hiking destination in real life, but I would love for there to be a theme park set up right there to enjoy after a nice hike... that would be awesome.


This is the first time I have tried a custom scenario and landscape, so hopefully I didn't do anything woefully wrong right off the bat. If you see anything, let me know so I can fix it before I start playing the scenario


Thanks for looking


Landscape done... I think


The trail to the summit of Pilchuck, with the old ski lift platform at the top right


Nothing is built yet, except a path

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I love that you are basing it on a what if scenario. The terrain looks promising, I can see a lot of possibility's. (Kudo's for carving out custom terrain, makes it even more special.) The only thing that really bothers me is the stream in that second to last pic. Maybe add some waterfalls between steps? Otherwise I cannot wait for this park to start.

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It looks really good. I want to echo the idea about the stream. The steps in the stream look really odd where it just ends. Waterfalls would definitely help. The mountain looks a bit peculiar to me. It is a bit odd how the higher part of the mountain doesn't have snow, but the lower part and some of the trees on the higher part do...


Overall, this is a REALLY nicely done terrain set up. Great job!

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Yes I plan on doing that, I forgot that I could add those so I will definitely do that, thanks.


edit; i have updated the landscape quite a bit, more trees--i just found the random cluster tool, the first ones were all individual clicks haha--and fixed the stream. I also added more to the ski lifts, now they look like they could be operational, but still rough


I was just looking up some of Anton's designs from the past, and I made my own custom double-looping coaster inspired by the Looping Star model. I think I will fit this into the scenario at some point. I call it Doppelscheife, which as far as I can tell means roughly 'double-loop' in German. Correct me if I am totally wrong- I think it actually applies to a style of bow tie for a ribbon, but it fits. I don't know about the color scheme, it sort of looks like I creamsicle and I'm not sure about it. I also want to make some custom scenery for it. I wish I could fit the entrance/exit in a better place, but those are the only 2 tiles they can fit in and still allow a pathway


Base cost is $8,181, sort of expensive but with scenery added it should be a really exciting ride


Also below that is a screenshot of my RCT2 version of Bullet, although it's launched rather than reverse incline- the game doesn't like the turn before the reverse spike for a chainlift. Hopefully this coaster will come back in real life, I would love to ride it




Launched version of Bullet



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First of all the coasters look very nice. (It is a shame about the station.) I believe someone around here made a guide on RCT2 for Anton creations, might want to check it out. Otherwise I think they are fine.


Back to the landscape, stream looks much better now. I'm impartial on the ski lift stations, only because they are so big. The limitations of RCT2 I suppose. I think if you put a platform with a tube sticking up for the terminals and then maybe some "towers" (just tubes no platforms) it be even better. Otherwise, it is looking great!

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The two Schwarzkopf coaster's look good, but I feel you should add something that is bigger and more iconic to your park other then those two clones basically. Like a terrian Schwarzkopf running across the side of mountains, you could use that terrain for so many ideas and concepts. Don't waste that opportunity. Also having three or two coasters for the opening year of a park is perfect, so you have that idea done. If you do add a third coaster to your line up, at least have a kiddy coaster. Please don't build a wacky worm clone though, a park this big doesn't need a fair ride. You also need an entrance of some sort if you want the park to be realistic. I personally hate the in game entrances, and they're just so unrealistic. Anyway I love the scenario, the forest is very nice, and I feel you could make this park awesome. Keep it up!

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Yes, definitely plan to add more than just clones, was just sharing some stuff I have been messing with. I like wooden coasters the best, and something fitting the terrain should work well here. It's part of the reason I didn't make the landscape much steeper; i find the scenarios that have more cliffs can be easier cause you can just go through them, but it doesn't look as nice as a wood track slithering through a forest

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First 2 years of the scenario went well, with a couple of hitches- people couldn't find bathrooms for some reason, and the 2 food courts were hard for guests to find, so I spread out some other food and drink thorughout. Also, one of the entrances was somehow not connected via path to my park, so for a while I had a 300 rating due to everyone wanting to go home but not being able to leave.


At October, year 2 there were about 1,100 guests in the park and I didn't put the loan through the roof, which is good. The park got 2 wooden and 2 steel coasters; First a full-size traditional woodie imaginatively called 'Compact Woodie,' then a short-but-intense wooden wild mouse named 'Mighty Mouse.' The first steel coaster was a mine ride with several intense helixes, then came 'Doppelschliefe,' previewed earlier, a double-looping customer Schwarzkopf.


Here's an overview of the park, then some close-up shots.










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I still really like that looping coaster. Looks really nice!


One thing I'd suggest adding some variety to your walls and roofs. All you have is the North American cabin roofing and walling throughout the ENTIRE park. Variation variation variation! And..."Compact Woodie?" Sorry, but try something new in the naming department...


Solid, though. Find ways to work with other types of walling and roofing aside from the North American cabin stuff. That's the big thing. Other than that, you have a pretty solid park.

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