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Hey everyone, I have a quick questions for you all.


(I've done a google search, and a search here on the forums and I got nothing. So I apologize if this has already been discussed.)


Many years ago while watching a travel channel theme park show I remember someone saying "...and then _______ law kicks in and your body perceives the height to be twice what it actually is...." Recently I've been trying to find this "law" which I am assuming is like a Newton law or something, and I have found nothing. I was hoping someone here has heard of this before, and knows what it is called.


While on topic. Have you ever been on a roller coaster and you perceive it to be twice as tall as it actually is. IE: you're on a 100ft coaster but it seems like you are 200ft up?


I always have this altered perception on drop towers. Anyone else have it as well?

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^I get the exact same feeling. When I get to a park (especially if I've never been there) I get the feeling that the coasters are quite small but when I climb to the top it all feels quite taller. When I went to Portaventura this year (and I had actually already been there) I was looking at shambhala and thought: this is actually not so tall, how can this be the tallest in Europe? (when I did know it was properly tall). Then when I got on it and went up the lift I remember thinking: "That's more like it." as it felt taller.

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I don't get this on roller coasters, but on any flat ride I do. Drop rides and swings are the worst for me. I get extremely uncomfortable and then realize that despite feeling super high up we're still well below surrounding coasters I have no problem on. I just rode Black Widow at Kennywood the other week and that was probably the worst case of it I've ever had. I've never been quite as scared as I was on that ride. It just felt so insanely high. And then I went and rode Phantom's Revenge 5 times in a row without feeling like I was anywhere near as high up despite the opposite being true.

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^When I first saw Maxair at CP I thought it looked ridiculously small (given what I expected) but then when I was riding and swinging I felt it was quite taller (and really was as the structure itself is only 84ft tall but you reach 140 when riding). I remember looking at Gatekeeper to compare the sizes while on it and thinking "the height difference doesn't look like much".

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