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[RCT2] Fox Studios World

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Well it's only been... like a few years or so since I lost my park in progress. Lately I found my old hard drive from my previous laptop and was reminded of the game I left behind and I just couldn't resist coming back. It's actually been like half a decade or so since I first started making my second ever custom park, but I'm a stubborn guy and by gosh, I'm giving it another go...


So with that in mind, I've begun construction on Fox Studios World - a movie themed park based on the 20th Century Fox brand. The park will have the following themed areas: the as of yet unnamed midway, Star Wars Galaxy (with a sub-themed area Tatooine), Hollywood Boulevard, Marvel Studios, and two kids areas based on the Ice Age franchise and either the Simpsons cartoons or the Robots animated movie.


I do intend the park to be as real as I can make it, so I'm trying to be detailed in the layout, thinking of the "extras" that you'd find in a park, and just overall trying to improve on my archy skills, especially compared to my first ever park, Six Flags Xtreme Canada.


I've actually begun work on the park a few weeks ago, and I can only do bits at a time due to the other demands on my time, but I do have some updates to show you. The screenshots are hosted on my own personal RCT2 site, ThirstyDeer Online!, but you don't need to go there to view them, I've posted them here. Now onto the screenshots...





You can see here I'm working on the park from the outside in. There is one main road outside the park grounds, with two separate entrances into the parking lot. One of the entrances also leads to the RV/bus parking area, the transit shelter area, and the staff entrance. In the middle of the road is the "kiss n'ride" area where you can safely pull off the road to drop off people.







This is the entrance that gives access to the RV/bus area, transit shelter, and the staff entrance. First thing to say is ignore the brick walls you see on the road. They are there temporarily and they do serve a purpose. They will be deleted when I get a bit further into the park. The parking entrance has 8 lanes to pay for parking lot entry ($6 per car). If you look closely you can actually see green and red indicators on the booths to tell you if the lane is open or closed. The RV/bus entrance is a parking lot where those bigger vehicles have room to park. It includes some picnic tables for their lunches if they eat out of the park. In keeping with one of the park design guidelines, there is ample greenspace and trees.







The transit shelter is for scheduled regional transit buses to drop off and pick up people. There is ample benches and even some vending machines for the parched ones. As you can see it's basically a big roundabout. I wanted the look to be modern but somewhat simple. In this screenshot you can also see a long road that will lead to the back area of the park where staff go to park their vehicles and to access the staff buildings such as the offices, infirmary, powerplant, etc.







As you drive along the main strip going passing the park grounds, there are several movie billboards on a brick backing along the outer field of the parking lot. Each movie billboard represents an attraction in the park (whether it be a coaster, flat ride, or live theater show). Such titles you'll see include Die Hard, Predator, Avatar, Jumper, Behind Enemy Lines, and others.


So that's it for now. I'm currently working on the section of the park entry ticket booth through the main gate.


Comments welcome.

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And yet nobody's posting comments... Interesting project. Hopefully your park looks as good as the parking lot


I actually have the thread from my previous attempt at the park on this same forum, but its been locked (its been years since an update). I probably have followers to that thread but I didn't get a response when I requested the thread unlocked so I'm starting anew.

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^ It got locked because you didn't follow the posting rules here. Multiple times.


In any case, this is a nice start....for a parking lot. For the life of me, I never understand why people post updates of parking lot construction.

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In any case, this is a nice start....for a parking lot. For the life of me, I never understand why people post updates of parking lot construction.


What you don't realize then is as I said above I'm trying to make this as real as I can, from the realism of the coasters to the design of the buildings to the staff only areas, and its hard to be realistic without a parking lot. Its not the most enjoyable part of parkmaking, but I wanted it to be there regardless.

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  • 2 years later...

Well it's only been... over a year... since I last touched the game, but I am now back into it. I'd say I am about 20% done. Before I post updates I am actually seeking some opinions on some thoughts I have. I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts on these questions...


1. How important is it to you for the park to be 100% peep friendly? If you don't know what I'm talking about I'm referring to the peeps' ability to get from anywhere in the park to the exit. Their ability to get to the exit requires a somewhat 'direct' route. If they are northeast of the exit and the path they need to take requires the peep to go more northeast (say to get around some landscaping or a large object) they will likely get stuck, causing them to wander back and forth in a line dragging your park rating down.


2. Do you think it is redundant to have both an Intamin reverse freefall coaster (a la Superman Escape From Krypton at Magic Mountain) *and* an Intamin accelerator coaster (a la Top Thrill Dragster from Cedar Point or Kingda Ka from Great Adventure)? I'm thinking of using both types (in different sections of the park) but nto sure if that would ever actually happen in a real park.


3. I am designing a coaster to simulate the Star Wars Death Star trench run. If I design it well it will be a low level coaster with twists and turns and little in the way of big hills or inversions (maybe some barrel rolls). What do you think would be the best coaster type to use? At first I thought an inverted coaster, but am now considering a flying coaster or a wing coaster.


Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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I have been wanting to see this for years please finish it!


Haven't you had anything better to do the past few years?


All kidding aside thanks for the support. I work on it in bits and pieces because I just don't have much in the way of free time, and I wanted to wait till I have more screenshots to show before I post an actual update.

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No problem really! But I really miss your Six Flags Xtreme Canada, but since I just have RCT2 and no expansions, i can't look at it anymore, i'm sad now!


Yeah that was not intelligent on my part. I didn't use much in the way of TT objects so I wonder if I went back into the park and took those objects out then the park could be opened with RCT vanilla...

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