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xiS sgalF Great America Photo TR! 7/1

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Hello TPR!


I recently visited Jo to take a trip to Summerfest in Milwaukee and of course I had to visit Six Flags while I was in town. This was my second trip to the park, and my first return since Midwest Bash in 2010! I got in for half price thanks to a coupon and we decided to skip on the flash pass since X-Flight is only on the Platinum option (150 bucks a person or something). We really didn't need the Flash pass since I had all the credits and I didn't really want to ride Superman or The Dark Knight and Ragin' Cajun.


The lines weren't too bad, all the posted wait times were extremely inflated, which is alright with me. One thing I thought was really really annoying were the food/merch employees who are required to ask with every given breath if you want to buy a damn souvenir refill cup. Even when you're holding one in your hand. The bartenders (you're buying a drink at the bar, do you really think I'm interested in buying a 15 dollar plastic soda cup? Seriously?) Six Flags was dehumanizing these poor people. Everything they said was scripted. It made me cringe.


-Batman Backwards is insane, it's too much. Not being able to see the inversions coming up does make the ride knock you around a bit more, and I rode in the last row. I made me pretty dizzy. I liked it better forwards, it's more re-rideable that way. I'm glad I got to try it out though, it was absolutely nucking futz.


-Backwards Viper is GREAT! Viper is already awesome, turning it around backwards is a great idea and I'm glad they did it early. Since I'm not familiar with the ride or Cyclone-clones, the backwards aspect made the airtime really surprising; and Viper has fantastic airtime. This is one great wooden coaster.


-Xflight was a new credit for me to get, and what can I say these wing coasters are fun rides. But I'm one of those people who have a problem with the restraints. They rub your shoulders too much and they squeeze the air out of your chest. I will say that my first ride in row 3 didn't pull as tight on me when I rode next in the very last row - which was on par with my Wild Eagle experiences. Still it's just a small complaint, even though the coaster isn't that tall I was impressed with the level of theming put into the interactions with the ride. The long heart line roll through the tower was really really cool, and I was a big fan of the low to the ground turns. I think Wild Eagle had more speed and bigger inversions, which were more interesting.


I love Raging Bull. Sure, it has the one trim. But it's been there and hasn't changed since it was put in right? I love Raging Bull just as much as Diamondback and Goliath in Georgia. The ride has probably the best drop ever. I really need to try Apollo's Chariot for the pre drop on that sucker. But the air of the MCBR, the low to the ground finale, love it love it love it. Rode it twice at night, it's phenomenal. And did someone really mention Bull rattling? You muat be crazy, the ride is glass smooth. Ride Diamonback and then you'll feel a rattle in more than one place.


I also rode the drop tower, which was fun but Drop Zone at Kings Island must be running really well (is that possible for it to run better?) this year, I was really expecting to enjoy Great America's better! I don't get to ride 2nd Gen's that often.


Enjoy the photos!


Oh boy oh boy. This is so cool looking.


I spy a new credit!


This is very different than the other wing coaster I've been on, Wild Eagle.


Screw the keyhole, crash through the Six Flags control tower!


Time for one of the better racing coasters out there.


Ooo undereagle.


Actually this is probably the best racing coaster in the US!


Lift hill enthusiasts can thank my 200mm lens


More flags! More fun!


I really liked X Flight, I'm not sure if I liked it better than Wild Eagle.


I was a fan of the many angles to get close to the ride to take pictures!


The inversions totally make the ride, and I loved how X Flight had 3 zero-g's/rolls


Most especially this part of the ride, of course. It was surprisingly intense!


If Kings Island ends up getting a wing rider, hey I won't mind.


These rides are nothing but fun. Not a top 10 ride, but surely a must ride.






This was a really cool inversion


Up and over the lift and you sloooowwlllyyyy start to turn


Lots of hangtime!


Let's take a trip over tooo..


DEMON! One of the best Arrow coasters


Oh hey Dollywood.


Loop de loop!


Two different colored trains on one black track


Love the theming on this ride.


Hooray for great Arrow coasters. Vortex has really gone hill recently.


Ahhh the old OTSR's. I remember back in the day watching SFMM videos of Viper in 1997. Takes me back.


A look down the brake run


Coming up next, another great classic! Seeing the theme of this amazing park? Phenom new hotness and the best classic rides.



Yeaahhh buddy!


Backwards Viper! What an incredible ride.


I didn't get to ride V2 this time. Impulse coasters are fun, but not worth an hour wait.

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More photos!


This is such a fun ride. Love the low to the ground curves.


Going up!


You can't see too much of the ride. It's hidden in the trees, but it's almost entirely over water.


Whizzer sunflare!


One of the most comfortable rides, I should add.


Diving down into more turns and twisty Shwarzy goodness.


It's so much fun to take photos of X Flight.


That back seat is intense!


Kings Island has 0 zero g's. That needs to change.


It was a beautiful day - like 75 and sunny all day with a breeze.


Through the tower!



Intamin and B&M :)



Awh. I enjoyed Iron Wolf! It wasn't bad at all.


Back over to Namtab


Ride in this row if you're brave enough. What an experience.


This describes the ride. You whip around so fast everything your brain just melts thanks to crazy intense old school B&M taken to the next level


This are looks very good! I was confused as to where they put the ride, so when I saw it in person I was impressed with what they did.


Dive dive dive



I finally found the perfect spot to zoon in on the heartline roll




Great America did a nice job with this one.


Here they come again! By the way the front row was roped off - they need to fix that asap. It looks very ugly in pictures. ;)


It's really amazing how these trains flex and move around the track.


Time to get over to the Western Territory, a really nice area of the park.


Eh the MCBR doesn't do much, just provides a straightaway for a nice pop of airtime!


I love this classy B&M hyper. It's very unique. It's just incredibly fun.


Next up - drop tower! 217ft of airtime.


You FLY up the tower, linger for about 30 seconds for the other cars to align, then DROP.


Hooray for some theming!



Going up..




And brakes.


Six Flags, what's up with all the closed rows on the major rides?




Love the paint scheme.


Night begins to fall and the rides keep getting better and better..


Rrrraging Bull! <3


A long way up to the top - LOVE the pre drop on the old B&M's.


Such a good looking evening.


Ah perfect timing!


Can't get on this ride any sooner.


Bull has one of the best finales that any coaster has to offer.


The ride takes a lot of criticism, but come check it out for yourself!




I have to say the operations were running pretty smoothly, but not as consistent as Kings Island ;)


So pleased with how this came out. I love the blue hour.


So many good memories from Midwest Bash.


2 epic night rides on Raging Bull to end an amazing day at Great America.


That's all folks. Can't wait for my return trip to revisit some of the rides I skipped and my favorite Bull/Viper combo. It's so hard to pick which should end your night, but I love Bull!

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Zoom lenses on coasters!


*Ahem* Great photographs! I wish I could come to Great America and try namtaB! Looks epic, and I love disorienting rides. Also, your thought on X-Flight were the same opinions I had for Gatekeeper. Not a top 10, but still pure fun!

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Zoom lenses on coasters!


*Ahem* Great photographs! I wish I could come to Great America and try namtaB! Looks epic, and I love disorienting rides. Also, your thought on X-Flight were the same opinions I had for Gatekeeper. Not a top 10, but still pure fun!


Thanks a bunch!


Although for Batman, I enjoyed it better forwards. It was seriously the only ride I can say I've ridden (both coasters and non coasters) that make me feel dizzy to the point that I felt a bit nauseous. But five minutes later after taking a few pictures I felt normal again. Forwards Batman, I can ride over and over again.


Maybe I shouldn't have ridden it in the very last row

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Great photos! I envy your photographing skills. Thanks for posting. Even though I was there last year your photos have me thinking of going back up there again, especially after hearing how great backwards Viper is. I missed out on Bull night rides as I was completely worn out by evening; I should go back and make up for it.

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Although for Batman, I enjoyed it better forwards. It was seriously the only ride I can say I've ridden (both coasters and non coasters) that make me feel dizzy to the point that I felt a bit nauseous. But five minutes later after taking a few pictures I felt normal again. Forwards Batman, I can ride over and over again.


Maybe I shouldn't have ridden it in the very last row

Funny how completely different coasters can be for different people. I just went to the park today, and had exactly opposite experiences on you on the backwards ones. Batman has always been my personal favorite in the park, and while I, too, still probably prefer it forwards, I thought it was insanely awesome backwards. I did sit in the last row like you did and didn't get dizzy at all. It did give my head a nice whack on the first corkscrew, but I had a blast!


I did Viper backwards in the last row as well. It was fun, but it made me feel a pretty queazy by the time it was over. That was the first time I've gotten that feeling on a coaster EVER. For whatever reason Viper seems to be very tempermental every time I ride it. Some days it iust seems to haul through the course, and when it does it's seriously one of the better woodies around. Other days- like today, unfortunately, it seems to not be quite so quick. Still above average, but not quite at the same level. I'm sure it would've been much better if I would've been able to ride it at night. Hopefully I'll get a night ride on it later this year while it's still backwards.


Beautiful pictures- great job! Thanks for sharing them!

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That was such a great day! Hard to believe it was just a week ago! Where did the time go? You do need to visit again so we can go to the park, and hopefully you can ride V2. Hades 360 is awaiting your arrival as well, but that's another trip report.

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