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Photo TR: Holiday Park 16.09.2012

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Holiday Park is a small park in the Rhine-Main area. If you stay in Mannheim - main highspeed train station here, Heidelberg, Speyer, Kaiserslautern or Neustadt At The Whinestreet it's easily reachable by local commuter-rail "S-Bahn" lines 1 and 2 to station Hassloch from where there is an hourly bus shuttle to the park.


The main attraction of course is the Intamin Mega "Expedition GeForce" with its unique first drop which provides amazing ejector-air in the last rows. Next to that there's also the crazy darkride "Burg Falkenstein" which brings you to a very naughty medieval castle. New this year for small visitors is the "Biene Maja Land" which is based on a very popular children animated TV-show.


Holiday Park is quite small so not that much walking like in other parks. Food options are not very diverse but the main self-service restaurant has quite good local food with a good selection of local beers.


P.S.: The old flower area with "Tour de Fleurs" and "Tanzender Pavillion" were removed to make room for the new "Biene Maja Land".


New entry plaza for 2012


Inside view of the entry plaza


Expredition GeForce doing a 90 degree spin while going down 80 degrees at the same time


Tons of air to the last bunnyhop


quite big log-flume which also features a turntable with backwards splashdown


Smaller HUSS BreakDancer variant


Classic Condor - always like to ride those


The not-so-charming 33 years old Vekoma Whirlwind


Funtime HighFlyer


MaurerSöhne Mouse with new kiddie drivers-license course in front


View of the classic carousell from the Burg Falkenstein entry


Welcome to naughty and crazy Burg Falkenstein




Of course a decent german castle has a dragon in its cellar!


Intamin rafts


Welcome to the new Biene Maja Land





Rounding up a sunny day with a last spin on Expedition GeForce

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Nice trip report!


I visited this park today.

Expedition Geforce defiantly delivered an awesome ride experience, I do think that the two trims killed the later half of the ride, but the ride still takes the second place in my top 10.


The operations however left a lot to be desired. A packed weekend day, and the were only running one train on Geforce, and only half of the wagons on the mouse.


The park had an awesome vibe to it tough, and I can not wait to see what Studio 100 does with it.

The park sure needs a few more coasters pretty desperately to keep the crowd it gets entertained, so I'm excited to see what 2014 might bring.

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^ 2 trims? The park removed the trims before the Stengel Bückel (S-turn/hill) after GeForce's down-time a couple of years ago - they've not been put back have they?! They weren't there in May this year.  The trims before the final 2 bunny hops definitely remain - these were not modified.

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I also noticed 2 trims two weeks ago. While the first didn't affect thge ride much the second quite slowed the ride down.


Basically trims/blockbrakes are not a bad thing. On Schwarzkopf's Alpina Bahn the speed is also adjusted depending on the number of riders and therefore weight of the whole train. On GeForce I think the 1st trim is okay while the 2nd trim should be reduced in strength.

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Was the first before the Bückel hill? Just before the overbanked turn-around and final 4 hills?


There was most defiantly a trim on the Bückel hill, and then one before the two last airtime hills.

It still rode awesome, but they were very noticeable.

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I'm hoping to make it to Germany next year. My wife has family there and one of them is getting married next summer, so we're trying to gather the funds to go and spend a couple weeks. Since they're just up the road in Maiz, this will be a priority stop.

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