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Anton's Funland [RCT2]

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This is a special project that I decided to do late last month. All the coasters have been hand built and altered to fit RCT2's standards as specified by RD. The rest of the park was built by me.


Credit goes to RD for the following: Fixing up the terrain looper's design, the Wildcat model, the log flume, the tutorial on how to do these coasters, and offering advise and help as I worked on this project.


I also put in the Wing rider CTR for your enjoyment.


Note: NOT included in the download is the Dreierlooping model since it is RD's model. Instead, I built a little rapids ride to help out with the heat in the park.


Another note: This park is a TPR exclusive. If you want to upload it to another site, you must have permission from me before you upload, and credit must be due where it is due.


As always: enjoy, review, and download!


(May He rest in peace!)


Link to Game Exchange


Golden Hope




Blue Streak


Rhine River Falls - RD's log flume


Tree Serpent


Jet Racer




Wonder Looping


Orange Lightning


The Dreierlooping before...


The rapids after.



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Looks great and I'd love to play it, but the download is just giving me an empty folder.


I have no clue what happened. The saved game itself is now up on the exchange. Inform me if you don't have all the CFR's and I'll post them here.


I'm on the fence on this. Your path layout is not really well thought out and the architecture could be improved. It's good work otherwise.


This park isn't supposed to be focused on the architecture, it was meant to be focused on the coasters. Thanks!


^Dude, some people play for fun. Not everyone has to have good architecture or path layout to make an enjoyable park.

Looks great simaticable!



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Hmm, I downloaded this, & it Said unable to load file, track contains missing data, so I was wondering if you could fix the download, this is sure a great Schwarzkopf park you built!

Thanks for notifying me. I just fixed it, so everyone can actually play this park now! Funny how I haven't touched the park since August!


I'm on the fence on this. Your path layout is not really well thought out and the architecture could be improved. It's good work otherwise.


Central hub with nodes coming off it. Sounds like a solid plan to me....like say, Disneyland.

Disneyland, I've never thought of it like that, and thanks!


Like I said, for the first time, this park is downloadable now! Please refer to the first for details and link to game exchange!


Praise be to Anton, Amen!

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