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[RCT2] Platinum Falls

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The bad:

--flowers and their colors (red and yellow flowers)

--too much brown (darker brown)

--same textures used over and over (wooden fence)


The good:

--coaster type and parts of the layout

--building structures

--landscape with waterfall


Spruce up the screens using more colors in the foilage and try to mix up some lighter browns in there. I think you are a great ncso player and I expect this to be wonderful. Keep up the good work!

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I really like what I see and will take the same approach as AFAblackhawk:



-Great layout, station, scenery interaction for the coaster

-Good landscaping around the improved waterfall (have you considered the steeper drop for the beginning of the waterfall on the tidal-wave ride?)

-mostly realistic (except the waterfall)

-great architecture (how did you get those beautiful blue window panes?)



-Flowers (try using the blue or pink flowers in some places or on roofs to lessen the amount of brown)

-Brown (I hate when people say this. Personally, I'm fine with it but add some shrubs on the wooden buildings or change the support colors.)

-lessen the amount of benches/lamps/garbage cans (especially on the stairs of Joe's)


Overall, fantastic. Don't read this as an equal amount of good and bad. In fact, it is overwhelmingly great. Looking forward to more.

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I shall tell you. It also, doesn't require 8 cars.


Select the color of your glass. If you're going for realism I suggest the turquoise. You should also make the glass outer wall part white. It works the best. Also, use the second wall! This is important!


Next, stack the same wall on top of the other.


Next, select the "3 poles wall" This should be the same color as the outer part of your glass, in this case white.


And here you go! In this case I placed the poles on the closer side of the screen. I usually put them behind the wall because it makes it look cleaner. Hope this helped!


Also thanks for the criticism and comments!

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Wow, those first 2 pictures are perfect. Maybe consider adding a transfer track next to the brake run. But seriously that station is incredibly well done. And that last pic is good with the custom supports, just add foliage (though it is obviously unfinished).


By the way, thanks for that tutorial for the windows, I've used it on about 5 different buildings now.

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